Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections  While Improving Efficiency

Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections While Improving Efficiency

Keeping healthcare facilities clean and free of hospital-acquired infections (HAI) is a full-time and laborious job that involves mopping and wiping down all surfaces. This type of work takes a toll on the body and can cause injury. American Laundry News explains that one way to reduce strain is by switching to microfiber flat mops. By using hospital ergonomic equipment including lighter mops and hospital cart movers, employees and patients have a healthier, safer work environment.

Equipment changes that improve ergonomics

American Laundry News emphasizes the ergonomic benefits of switching to microfiber flat mops as they’re lighter, can be operated with less strain on the back and result reduced cleaning frequency which helps avoid repetitive motion injuries in workers. However, cleaning with microfiber mops is just one way to improve the safety and functionality of healthcare facilities.

Keeping a hospital clean, organized and running smoothly requires easy access to necessary supplies and an effortless way to transport them. Using hospital ergonomic equipment such as cart movers enables workers to transport supplies swiftly and without strain on their body as the powered cart supplies the strength.

Investing in hospital ergonomic equipment

Just as American Laundry News explains that not all microfiber mop systems are equal, not all ergonomic equipment is equal either. An experienced, professional supplier of hospital equipment can provide high-quality, efficient cart movers to help maneuver carts weighing up to 1,000 pounds without straining the employees operating them. Workers avoid overexertion and the cart movers aid in freeing up valuable space in hallways and rooms.

Cart movers from DJ Products can improve the safety and efficiency of healthcare facilities. Contact us today to find out more about our solutions for hospitals.