The environment inside of a hospital, nursing home or hotel can be hectic –different scenarios present a wide variety of challenges for employees, making daily duties much more difficult to complete.  Emergencies at hospitals or nursing homes require rooms and hallways to be quickly cleared in order for personnel to act and holiday weekends or special events can completely changed how employees in the hospitality industry have to perform in order to satisfy customers.

In order to increase efficiency and make the environment in a crowded hotel or hospital as safe for employees as possible, it’s important that the staff have the proper equipment to handle their duties.  Food and linen carts can be exceedingly heavy and difficult to maneuver down narrow hallways manually, but with the help of an electric cart pusher the job can be performed much faster and much more efficiently.

An electric cart pusher from DJ Products is designed to attach easily to just about any four wheeled cart with two front swivel casters and two straight casters.  Once attached to the swivel caster end, the electric cart pusher makes for quick and easy maneuvering in and out of small rooms and down narrow halls and corridors.

An electric cart pusher helps to make employees safer by eliminating the stress and strain associated with manual cart pushing.  Alleviating the stress and strain on your employees minimizes sick days; workers compensation claims and keeps you entire operation running more smoothly.  Using an electric cart pusher can also help to keep guests or residents as safe as possible by minimizing the time that rooms and hallways are either partially blocked or completely inaccessible by slow moving, manually pulled linen or food carts.