Embrace the Future: A Society with Efficient Robots.

Embrace the Future: A Society with Efficient Robots.

As your first choice for a quality material handling equipment supplier, DJ Products wants to keep you up-to-date on news and trends affecting the warehouse industry. Here’s a look at how Amazon is addressing the challenge of robots and automation displacing human workers.

Adapting to the Changing Workforce

It’s no secret that technology is creating automated solutions for more repetitive types of jobs, but the time is coming when robots will be able to handle more sophisticated tasks. At this point, automation is creating more jobs than it’s destroying.

Problems arise when robots take over basic entry-level jobs that usually go to people who need to work but aren’t qualified for higher-paying jobs. Amazon has taken a proactive approach by offering training to expand these workers’ options.

Preparing for the Future

Amazon’s Career Choice program was rolled out in 2012. It’s currently available to any hourly employees who have been with Amazon for a minimum of one year. Under the program, Amazon pays up to 95 percent of college tuition for employees who want to train for more in-demand jobs.

Classes are conveniently held right in the warehouses, and so far 14,000 people have taken advantage of the program. Amazon’s goal is to double that number by 2020.

According to author Martin Ford, lifelong learning is the key to staying relevant in the workforce. While Amazon’s program is a start, the next step is to provide training for more advanced jobs.

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