The holidays, and the winter season in general, tend to send a lot more people into the emergency room with injuries that might require a stay in the hospital.  Injuries sustained during decorating, burns from fireplaces, auto accidents and falls on ice are just a small portion of the injuries that require treatment during this time of year.

The members of the hospital staff that clean and prep rooms for incoming patients are particularly busy this time of year trying to ensure that rooms are available as necessary.  If this increased workload were to be performed entirely with manually operated carts, hospital employees could find themselves seeking treatment from doctors as well.

A fully loaded cart containing linens and cleaning supplies could easily weigh several hundred pounds.  A single hospital employee trying to strong arm a heavy linen cart could easily sustain an injury that would require medical treatment. That’s why it makes sense for hospitals to have the proper equipment available to make these duties easier on the hospital staff.

A motorized linen cart can easily handle loads of up to seven hundred pounds on just about any surface.  Employees using a motorized linen cart can easily travel at speeds of up to three miles an hour over concrete, tile or carpet so that rooms can be cleaned and prepared as necessary for new patients.

The battery powered motorized linen carts from DJ Products can also operate continuously for an entire eight hour shift without needing to be recharged.  This means that hospital employees can continue working without interruption to ensure that empty rooms are ready to be filled as needed.