Dumpster-Mover-300×279.jpgWith a DJ Products dumpster mover, the work of moving a dumpster, a task that once may have required three or four people, can now be done by just one person. And that one person does not have to worry about strain or overexertion. Our WasteCaddy dumpster mover was ergonomically designed to help an employee transfer a dumpster from an underground parking lot to the street, move a dumpster along a street that is level, or move a dumpster on an incline.

You want to be able to move a dumpster with ease and control and a dumpster mover can help make this happen. This was not the case earlier this month when a dumpster was mysteriously moved across a parking lot in Washington state. The Kitsap Sun published a story about how a condominium complex put out a dumpster one morning and residents later learned that it “careened across a parking lot.” No one was hurt, so neither the complex nor are taxpayers need worry about liability. Still, the publication reported “no one knows whether it was stiff wind or vandals.”

While it is not clear just how the dumpster ended up across the parking lot, having a dumpster mover means that it would be at all taxing to move the dumpster back to its original spot. A heavy waste container can often weigh up to 5,000 lbs. and the WasteCaddy has a powerful 36-volt motor can maneuver dumpsters from 500 lbs. up to 10,000 lbs.

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