In most of the United States we have just pushed our clocks ahead one hour. This means that we also get less sleep, although the effects of losing that hour normally wear off after the first week of Daylight Saving Time.

So now that we have sprung ahead and your employees will be up an hour earlier getting their work done, why not examine the equipment they use to make certain that it is up to the task? It is okay for us to spring forward in hours but it is not okay for your employees to use clean linen carts that lurch forward at odd times, sending clean laundry to the floor. And laundry is not the only thing that may be damaged if your allow your employees to use rickety laundry carts to transport clean laundry: there is the possibility that your employees themselves may get hurt if an unstable laundry cart is overturned.

The Motorized Linen Cart eliminates the manual pushing of heavy clean linen carts, especially where carpeting makes them difficult to push. The powered cart is motorized for moving clean linens used for daily duties in hospitality and hospital environments. It can haul loads of up to 700 lbs. It’s variable speed twist grip allows the operator to travel forwards or backwards at speeds between 0 and 3 miles per hour, all while maintaining control.

Watch this video to see our motorized clean linen wire cart in action. And if you have further questions about this or any of our other material handling solutions, feel free to call us at 800-686-2651.