Beyond the Dumpster: The Growing Trash Problem

Beyond the Dumpster: The Growing Trash Problem

Beyond proper dumpster moving equipment for your facility, have you ever given any thought to the impact trash has on our society as a whole? Despite the increase in recycling efforts, waste disposal is still a serious issue generating problems for the environment.

Where Does All the Trash Go?

According to data from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), approximately 251 million tons of trash are generated annually in the U.S. That works out to just under five pounds per person per day, which equates to four-fifths of a ton per person per year.

Currently, only one-third of trash is recycled, with another 12.5 percent going into incinerators. That leaves 55 percent to be deposited in landfills.

How Landfills Work

As one expert put it, dumping trash in landfills is more of a mummification process than a composting process. Once the landfill is sealed, the trash inside is cut off from air and water that would trigger natural decomposition.

Despite precautions, liquids from trash in landfills can seep into groundwater. Landfills are also responsible for one-fourth of all methane released into the air as well as 2.3 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.

Environmental laws have made landfills more expensive to create and operate, so there was a movement from many small landfills to a reduced number of mega-dumps. As a result, trash has to travel farther, which causes more pollution from transportation.

Eco-Friendly Dumpster Moving Equipment from DJ Products

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