Surfacing New Waste Management Trends for 2018

Surfacing New Waste Management Trends for 2018

What interesting cargo might your dumpster mover be hauling? As more environmentally-responsible ways of disposing waste come into the spotlight, dumpsters are becoming increasingly dedicated to transporting specialized loads.

2018 Trends in the Waste Management Industry
As government mandates regarding waste handling continue to change, waste management containers and disposal operations likewise evolve:

Recycling Systems for Safer Plastics
The phase-out of previously popular plastic packing materials such as polystyrene foam and shopping bags in communities nationwide due to environmental concerns has led to safer plastic options, such as polylactic acid resins. However these safer, biodegradable plastics require special handling to ensure they compost correctly. This is prompting municipal waste and recycling centers to put the proper systems in-place to ensure successful disposal.

New Methods for Sourcing Energy from Organic Waste
Anaerobic digestion technology, which uses food and other biodegradable waste as a means to produce energy, is under development in California. Used in Sacramento to process 100+ tons of organic matter daily. If its success continues, it is expected to spread eastward.

More Responsible Handling of E-Waste
Today’s glut of gadgetry requires constant upgrades, creating an increasing amount of electronic waste. As this issue becomes part of a broader discussion both nationally and globally, municipal and retailer recycling programs are expected to increase in prevalence.

Conscientious Disposal of Demolition Debris
Dumpster movers toting demolition debris are increasingly at-risk of hauling dangerous products, prompting the need to foster awareness of items that are treacherous to toss, from batteries and electronics, to cleaners, solvents, pesticides, and car fluids.

You’re careful about what goes into your waste containers, are you careful about how you transport them? Ensure the health and safety of employees and cargo with a dumpster mover from DJ Products today.