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Dumpster Mover

Did you know that the trash room is the most dangerous area on multi-family apartment and condo properties? A high-quality dumpster caddy reduces risk of injury while improving efficiency.

Here are four questions to help you find the right dumpster caddy for your applications.

Tips for Selecting Dumpster Moving Equipment

1. Is the equipment designed for the job?

OSHA recommends use of motorized aids when employees have to exert more than 50 pounds of force to move an object. A full dumpster can weigh in the neighborhood of 2,000 pounds.

People sometimes try to multitask and use forklifts, pallet jacks and similar vehicles to move dumpsters. These methods are not optimized for the task of moving dumpsters, so they won’t do much to minimize injury risk.

2. Does your equipment vendor understand your needs and stand behind their products?

Material handling requirements for property trash rooms are different from those of warehouses and other industries. A top equipment vendor will ask the right questions to assess your specific needs and make sure that you’re satisfied with your choice.

3. What’s the availability of parts and service?

Whether it’s leased or purchased, a dumpster caddy is an investment that should last many years. Check with the supplier about service plans, maintenance schedules and parts availability.

4. What is the supplier’s track record?

A successful equipment vendor should have no problem providing you with references who can talk about their positive experiences with the products.

DJ Products: Your First Choice for Dumpster Moving Equipment

A battery-powered dumpster caddy from DJ Products demonstrates your commitment to workplace safety. Call 800.686.2651 and get more information about our full line of dumpster moving equipment from our friendly sales engineers.