Beyond the Dumpster: Will Landfill Models be Changed in 2018?

Beyond the Dumpster: Will Landfill Models be Changed in 2018?

According to this recent article on waste management and the technology that is rising to meet burgeoning challenges, change is coming. The waste industry is taking note of how automated machinery and the application of robotics can help make the occupational “hazards” that come with waste disposal an easier, simpler process. Disposing of waste comes with its own set of unique and troublesome problems. Risks and safety concerns that can be addressed with simple solutions like those are epitomized in the WasteCaddy line of products.

Reasons Behind Changing the Current Landfill Model

The waste disposal industry is finding ample reasons to change their traditional Landfill Model. Below are a few of those reasons:

– Ocean pollution seems to be increasing, weighing heavily on the inner workings of waste removal/recycling teams.

– More trash without advanced technology to meet demand is a recipe for disaster. Without efficient solutions, landfills will continue to grow in size.

– The infrastructure affected by recycling is in a downward spiral. Profits will decline without a noted change to the processes they’ve employed in their operations.

Technology can breed efficiency. The utilization of remote control, battery powered, well-designed machinery benefits small businesses and large companies alike. Transporting a small dumpster with a dumpster mover machine that pushes the load for you lowers labor and eliminates potential safety hazards. These same machines minimize points of human contact with the hazardous waste material. Premiere small machines are packed with a host of attributes built into their ingenious designs.

DJ Products: A Waste-Not Solution

A heavy-duty dumpster mover comes in a size that works for any business. Warehouses, restaurants, and waste plants understand solid machinery facilitates safe, functional environments. DJ Products won’t waste your time so click here to see for yourself!