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Hybrid sales increased not too long ago as awareness over environmental harm from car emissions grew. In the last couple of years, though, car makers have backed away from this trend. With the recent steep drop in gas prices, consumers have been more willing to spend their money on traditional cars rather than hybrid or EV models, suggesting that this trend will continue. One car maker, Lexus, remains committed to the hybrid trend by continuing to focus on these vehicles.

Lexus Hybrids

Two of the vehicles that Lexus sells the most include the NX class and RX class, which are both hybrids. Sales of the RX 450h hybrid are up 34 percent this year, while sales of the NX 300h hybrid are up 24 percent. Roughly one out of every ten vehicles that Lexus sells is a hybrid, and the company doesn’t plan to slow production of these vehicles any time soon.

Lexus also stands out from the rest of the competition by offering hybrid versions of all of its best-selling car models, as well as a hybrid-only model in the CT 200h. As other car manufacturers move away from hybrids, Lexus has been able to maintain steady sales of its hybrid models. This trend is expected to continue, although other car makers could start focusing on hybrids again when gas prices begin to increase.

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