The Battery-Powered AircraftCaddy Aircraft Tuggers

The Most Maneuverable Method To Move Aircraft In The Hanger or On The Ramp.

Best-in-Class – Quiet – Safe – Efficient

The battery-powered AircraftCaddy aircraft tugger combines safety, reliability and durability into an easy to use aircraft tugger. With absolute precision and unrivaled maneuverability, our AircraftCaddy will help you move your plane around the hangar or to staging on the ramp.

The rechargeable AircraftCaddy provides emission-free, whisper quiet operation. Variable speed twist grips allow you to control your aircraft from a crawl to fast walk and eliminates the damage-causing jerkiness found with gas powered aircraft tugs. Our LAZY SUSAN spring ramp design allows for 180 degree turning with NO risk of over-turning or damaging the nose gear on your plane.

DJ Products understands that safety is KEY! The AircraftCaddy’s battery powered operation allows you to hear and feel what is going on when moving your aircraft. Silent operation helps to reduce the risk of damage to aircraft, the hangar and most importantly you! The AircraftCaddy is designed for long run-time between charges, and can be charged by plugging into any 110v outlet.

DJ Products is BEST IN CLASS – We have been in business for more than 20 years and we’ve got more than 26,000 electric tugs in the field. As a result of that experience, we have standardized on the most durable and reliable components available. DJ Product’s motors, trans-axles, programmable controllers, and braking systems are industrial grade and have been battle tested by thousands of customers.

For more information about the AircraftCaddy, call one of our sales engineers at 1-800-686-2651.

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Battery Powered
Whisper Quiet, Smooth Acceleration, Long Run-time


Precise Handling and Control


Best in Class
Reliability, Durability, Track Record