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Aircraft And Helicopter Tuggers

Lindbergh Aircraft and Helicopter Tuggers

Our battery powered, walk-behind, electric aircraft and helicopter tuggers are designed for one person to safely and easily maneuver aircraft in tightly stacked hangars or staging on the airplane ramp. Lindbergh Aircraft Tug Company has taken industry standard parts and hand control systems so commonly found in the material handling industry and applied the technology to the aircraft tuggers industry. Until now, the small aircraft towing industry has been dominated with outdated lawn mowing power train systems. Our aircraft and helicopter tuggers are designed for more demanding use where greater product reliability is needed.


Whether you’re a proud owner of a small jet or in charge of a small airport, having a safe and reliable way to move aircraft from the hangar to the runway is important. Otherwise, you or your workers could end up with injuries or cause damage to the aircraft you’re towing. For more information on Aircraft and Helicopter Tuggers, please contact us at Lindbergh Aircraft Tug,  a division of DJ Products. We can be found online at or you can reach us directly at 888-631-5011