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According to the Clean Air Council, “In 1960, each person in the US only generated 2.68 pounds of waste. In 1970, the figure was 3.25. However, Americans’ recycling has improved since 2000, when the average American generated 4.65 lbs of waste per day, and only 29% was recycled.” Whether the objects we’ve used are being thrown away or being recycled, they need to be safely transported from where we live to other facilities.

DJ Products is the world leader in providing battery-powered cart pusher and assist tug puller solutions to the manufacturing, hospital, distribution, and retail industries.
Many of our motorized carts are used in flat surfaces, but workers using our dumpster mover may need to move a dumpster or other large container on an incline. Safety is paramount in all situations where workers need to transport heavy objects but even more so if there is an incline involved. Employees that have to manually push a heavy trash or recycling container up large inclines to the street may become injured due to overexertion. You can prevent this when you invest in a DJ Products battery powered waste mover. In fact, our dumpster movers could make a task that might have once required three or four employees into something that one employee can do on his or her own.

A DJ Products WasteCaddy waste container mover has a powerful 36-volt motor can maneuver dumpster from 500 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. Our dumpster mover can help prevent employee injury throughout the year as employees move heavy containers on flat surfaces or inclines and if there is a need to push or pull a dumpster over asphalt and throughout snow and ice.

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