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Car manufacturers, car lots and mechanics all face a unique challenge in doing business successfully.  Employees in each business must maneuver through very crowded environments without doing any damage to the vehicle they are handling or to other vehicles that they may encounter.  In many cases these vehicles aren’t full assembled or are not fully operational which leaves employees to struggle with the task of getting them from point A to point B without being able to drive them.

Manually pushing a vehicle across any distance is a difficult and strenuous undertaking.  Loss of control for any length of time or for any reason could result in serious damage that could cost the business hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair.

Moving vehicles around crowded lots or in the tight confines of a manufacturing plant is much easier with access to the right equipment like the car pusher from DJ Products.  The car pusher instantly takes the stress, strain and difficulty out of moving cars, trucks, busses or RVs even in the tightest of quarters. 

The car pusher has a soft, durable push pad that adjusts to completely protect the body of the vehicle during movement.  The smooth, even acceleration of this versatile piece of equipment allows the operator to maintain complete control during short or long moves.  This helps to prevent damage to the vehicle being pushed as well as all other vehicles on the lot.

Another huge benefit of using a car pusher on auto lots and service centers is employee safety.  The car pusher allows for virtually labor free movement of heavy vehicles which keeps valuable employees safe and injury free.  Investing in a car pusher can save service centers and auto lots money by eliminating damage caused by manual movement of vehicles and minimizing expensive work related injury claims.

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