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The severe weather that has ravaged the east coast over the course of the past few weeks has caused serious damage to the inside and outside of homes. Families all over the east coast have suffered damage to roofs and siding from high winds and downed trees and suffered incredible loss due to flooding.

Families who had homes that took on water as a result of the torrential rains are now in the process of clean up. Depending upon the amount of water that worked its way in everything from flooring to drywall and furniture could need replacing in order to make a home livable again.

Repairing this damage is causing an increase in business for many home improvement centers and carpet suppliers along the east coast. This increased workload could potentially increase the chances of injury if the most appropriate equipment wasn’t available. Shipments of carpet can be exceedingly heavy and manually moving them across a large warehouse or into and out of a truck could put undue strain on employees.

The simple addition of a powered carpet dolly can instantly cut down on the stress and strain associated with moving heavy rolls of carpet. The powered carpet dolly from DJ Products helps warehouse employees to easily load and maneuver rolls of carpet weighing up to one thousand pounds.

Employees who’ve got access to the powered carpet dolly can readily handle increases in orders without increasing the risk of injury. The powered carpet dolly runs for an entire 8 hour shift or more on a single charge. This helps home improvement center employees to keep up with dramatic increases in business without compromising the health or safety of valuable hourly employees.

When an important part of a home becomes damaged replacing it as quickly as possible is a top priority to homeowners. Having a piece of equipment like the powered carpet dolly helps home improvement stores provide the highest level of service to customers who want materials quickly.

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