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From the paper airplanes you made as a child to taking a cross-country flight, the ability to see something soar through the air is quite a thrill. When an airplane flies, part of the reason it is able to stay up in the air is that the air moving over the top of it is going at a faster speed that the air that is moving below the plane.

An airplane is a remarkable and rather expensive piece of equipment. For that reason, you can’t just use any old machine to move an airplane around. DJ Products’ airplane tugs make it possible for one person to safely and easily maneuver aircraft in a tightly stacked hanger or staging on a ramp. While you wouldn’t think of moving a plan on your own, you can do so with our aircraft tug. Just like flight, that is nothing short of amazing! One person can push or pull an aircraft that weighs in at up to 35,000 pounds with one of our aircraft tugs.

Our airplane tugs have a smooth acceleration and braking system. And the quiet electric motor means that the person operating the airplane tug will not be distracted by noise and can concentrate fully on the task of getting the aircraft from point A to point B.

While we focus on providing ergonomically correct, safe, and cost effective solutions to transport some of your most important products, we have a lighter side too. You can customize your aircraft tug or aircraft tow with a custom logo if you wish. There is no reason that your equipment can’t be useful, safe, and fun all at the same time.

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