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Consumers bring their vehicles to auto mechanic repair shops and body shops following involvement in an accident in order to get them looking and driving like new again.  Many of the cars that end up on the lot of a mechanic’s shop or body shop have serious problems, some are completely inoperable.  If mechanic and body shop employees don’t have access to the right equipment in order to perform their job duties this type of work can be very labor intensive and much more difficult than it has to be.

Mechanic and body shop employees who don’t have a piece of equipment like the car pusher from DJ Products have to manually push disabled cars into bays for repair.  This can easily lead to overexertion and the possibility of a serious and painful injury, even for employees who are normally capable of handling instances of physical labor.

In instances where employees want to maneuver an inoperable vehicle without having to resort to manual labor another vehicle may be used.  While this is certainly easier on the employee, it can do damage to both vehicles in the process and ultimately create more work for the business.

A car pusher from DJ Products allows a single employee to easily maneuver a disabled vehicle without overexertion or fear of injury.  In addition to keeping employees safe and injury free during the normally daunting task of moving a disable vehicle across a lot, the car pusher also keeps the vehicles safe.  The pad which is placed against the vehicle that requires pushing is soft and forgiving and prevents the dents, dings and scratches often incurred when using another vehicle for pushing.

By adding a car pusher to their tool and equipment arsenal a mechanic can instantly increase the efficiency at the very same time that they create a safe environment for their valuable employees.

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