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Most people go to hospitals to improve their health, but for hospital workers the danger of injury from potential ergonomic hazards is high. Healthcare workers risk musculoskeletal injury daily not only while handling patients or residents, but during the performance of tasks in the kitchen, laundry, housekeeping and engineering areas of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Transporting equipment, moving food carts, maneuvering laundry bins and other daily tasks pose a significant risk of muscle and tendon overextension and strain. Strains and sprains can occur during the transfer of IV poles, wheelchairs, oxygen canisters, respiratory equipment, dialysis equipment, x-ray machines and other heavy or unwieldy equipment. Injuries can result from lifting heavy bags of laundry or garbage.

CartCaddy electric cart movers are specifically designed for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Smaller than their industrial counterparts, these caddies are sized to handle the lighter loads typical in hospital and healthcare settings. Their maneuverability has been maximized to accommodate both the tight spaces often found in hospital rooms and the high pedestrian traffic typical in corridors. Sleek, efficient design provides a clean, non-industrialized look that matches the esthetics of healthcare environments.

CartCaddies for hospitals and healthcare environments are available in three convenient configurations:

  • Cart Puller. The CartCaddyLite battery-powered electric tug is capable of pushing or pulling carts up to 1,000 pounds. It can be used to move hospital beds, hospital carts, laundry carts, maintenance or parts carts.
  • Cart Pusher. The CartCaddyShorty battery-powered electric tug can maneuver carts from 3,000 to 20,000 pounds. Small but powerful, it provides maximum maneuverability while pushing or pulling carts or equipment.
  • Powered Cart. The PartsCaddyLite is a battery-powered platform designed to easily move carts, materials, parts or machinery from one location to another. The platform allows for easy and efficient moving and distribution of boxes, supplies and equipment throughout a facility.

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