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In order to be successful a retail establishment has to have the right products available at the right prices and the means for customers to gather them for purchase. While the individual products and prices depend mostly on the vendors that a retailer is supplied by any retail establishment can ensure readily available carts for shopping with a cart retriever.

The job of shopping cart retrieval is usually delegated to an hourly employee who is required to make a number of trips out to the parking lot in order to gather loose carts a few at a time. This task is very labor intensive and has the potential to be very unpleasant when weather conditions are unfavorable.

Employees who try to haul too many carts at once or who attempt to perform the task too quickly are at risk of suffering serious, debilitating injuries. An injury on the job from manually hauling carts across a parking lot could easily result in a valuable employee being lost for an extended period and a very expensive workers’ compensation claim. Thankfully retail establishments can eliminate the stress and strain associated with this tough job and create a safer working environment by investing in a piece of equipment like the cart retriever.

The cart retriever from DJ Products quickly and easily attaches to the back of a long train of shopping carts for safe and easy maneuvering. Hourly employees are able to gather and return up to fifty carts at a time with none of the overexertion associated with manual cart retrieval. This versatile and easy to use piece of equipment instantly reduces the risk associated with the difficult task of cart retrieval and creates a safer and more pleasant environment for valuable employees.

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