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Work related injuries don’t always come from big, dramatic accidents – in fact many workmen’s compensation claims are filed as a result of injuries sustained by use of equipment that wasn’t properly designed for the task at hand. Repetitive stress and improper lifting are also big culprits in work related injury claims – proper training and the right equipment can go a long way when it comes to keeping your employees healthy.

Workers who are forced to manually push loads that are exceedingly heavy and continually bend over to pick up materials to move them from one location to another are open to lower back and neck injuries. These potential injuries can be easily prevented with the use of ergonomically designed equipment that does the bulk of the work for you.

The Mobile Electric Lift Table from DJ Products has the power to move materials from location to location then put it at the appropriate height for an employee to maneuver it without having to bend to an unsafe and uncomfortable position. The battery has enough life to last through back to back shifts without recharging so even during the busiest seasons, requiring the most material moved, your employees will be at their safest and most productive.

Consider how much more fluid your operation will run when all of your employees have access to equipment that allows them to perform at their best. Where your potential injuries are drastically reduced due to the fact that you have equipment that is specifically designed to perform in the application in which you need it to. DJ Products produces equipment that is second to none in terms of material handling and movement. All of our equipment is designed to keep your employees safe, healthy and at their highest level of productivity.

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