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Powered Housekeeping Cart - Motorized Housekeeping Cart

Powered Housekeeping Cart

Powered Housekeeping Cart

Powered Housekeeping Cart

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  • Add Powered Kit To New or Existing Cart
  • Can Easily Install On Location
  • Attaches To All Manufactures Of Housekeeping Cart
  • 24 volt 2 Battery System
  • 0-3 MPH Forward/Reverse
  • Charger works with 120/220 Hz Outlets

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Powered Housekeeping Cart Applications


The Battery Powered HouseKeeping Cart transports clean linen supplies used for housekeeping in the hospitality industries. The cart is motorized for moving supplies used for daily duties in hospitality and hospital environments, eliminating the manual pushing of these heavy supplies and linens, especially where carpeting makes them very difficult to push.

Workplace injury and illness costs American businesses $171 billion annually. Workers’ compensation claims add another $60 billion to that annual price tag. More than a quarter of those claims are for back injuries from repetitive lifting, pulling, and pushing and straining, according to the national council on Compensation Insurance. OSHA reports that back injuries cost U.S. businesses $12 million in lost workdays and $1 billion in compensation costs each year. The time-lost cost of a single injury is estimated at $26, 000.

The Powered Housekeeping Cart can haul loads up to 700 lbs. The cart has a variable speed twist grips that allows the operator to travel at speeds of 0-3 mph forward or backward. With its heavy duty, 24-volt motor being powered by two 12 volt batteries, the powered housekeeping cart can perform without recharging for an entire shift. The housekeeping cart can be customized to any application or any environment.

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Powered Housekeeping Cart Features and Specifications


Powered Housekeeping Cart

Powered Housekeeping Cart Dimensions


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Powered Housekeeping Cart User Reviews

CartCaddyLite – Hospitality

The CartCaddyLite comes standard with a 24-volt system, 2 12-volt batteries, designed to give the operator 6-hours of continuous use, without moving a load, before recharging. The puller should have plenty of battery life to last an entire shift.

Motorized Clean Linen Wire Cart

The Motorized Linen Cart is a self-propelled, battery powered linen cart that transport dirty and soiled linens used for housekeeping.

Powered Linen Cart

The Powered Linen Cart is a self-propelled, battery powered linen cart that transport dirty and soiled linens. Kit works on All Kinds Of Dirty Linen Carts
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