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Decrease Worker Injuries While Increasing Productivity
People can accomplish more when supported by a safe and comfortable work environment. If your worksite requires employees to exert significant strength and energy, an investment in ergonomic products will pay off with better health and better prod... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Highlighting the Roll Pusher
Moving square and rectangular objects around your warehouse can be difficult enough. How do you handle round items like rolls and spools? Our CartCaddy Roll Pusher takes the awkwardness out of transporting these often troublesome objects. The size... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
The Benefits of Our Dumpster Caddy
The difficult, labor-intensive task of moving waste containers poses a persistent issue for workplace productivity and cleanliness. From manufacturing plants to apartment complexes, businesses need a solution for quickly, efficiently moving dumpst... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Introducing the Chain Drive Cart Caddy
How many of your employees does it take to move 50,000 pounds worth of product? If you’re using the Chain Drive CartCaddy from DJ Products, the answer is only one. This heavy-duty tug is one of the most powerful in our line of battery-powered mate... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Is Radio Frequency the Next Big Thing for Warehouses?
Barcode scanning revolutionized distribution center and warehouse operations by automating functions such as receiving that had previously been done manually. As the technology celebrates its 40th birthday, the industry is looking for the systems ... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
The Barcode Turns Forty What Will Replace It
Do you remember when barcode scanning was the new cutting-edge technology for distribution center operations? It’s hard to believe, but that was 40 years ago. As the industry considers new systems such as radio frequency that may take its place, i... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
How To Save Your Business Money
Today’s business climate of increased competition and economic uncertainty makes fiscal responsibility more important than ever. Labor costs are usually the largest part of a company’s budget, with workers compensation claims falling under that um... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Three Considerations before Buying a Cart Caddy
Are you ready to upgrade from traditional fork lifts and pallet jacks? DJ Products and Team Cart Caddy have a selection of electric-powered tugs and tows that can accommodate any material or vehicle handling needs. Finding the right solution for y... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Upcoming Material Handling Conventions
With the rapid pace of change in the material handling field, it can be a monumental task to keep up with the latest news. Why not make plans to attend one of the industry conferences and trade shows? You’ll have access to hundreds of resources in... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Improve Warehouse Efficiency With Cart Movers
Moving carts throughout your warehouse, even ones mounted on wheels, is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Traditional equipment like forklifts no longer fit current material handling needs. Improve efficiency and worker safety with one of the ... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
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Motorized Powered Cart - Hospitality and Hospital Carts

The following motorized cart pusher product line eliminates strains and pains from pushing heavy carts, such as dirty linens or cleaning supplies, in hospitals, hotels, resorts, and casinos.

Powered Carts for the Hospitality and Hospital Environments:

motorized-housekeeping-cart motorized-dirty-linen-cart motorized-clean-linen-wire-cart
Powered Housekeeping Cart

Powered Dirty Linen Cart

Motorized Clean Linen
Wire Cart

The powered housekeeping cart eliminates the pushing of heavy housekeeping cleaning and linen carts.

The powered dirty linen cart eliminates the pushing of heavy soiled or dirty linens in hospitals, hotels, resorts and casinos.

The motorized clean linen wire cart eliminates the pushing of heavy clean linen and supplies

partscaddylite ErgoPower Cart motorized-housekeeping-cart
Powered Cart Electric Cart Motorized Cart Retro Kit
The PartsCaddyLite powered cart will move materials, parts or machinery from one location to another. The Ergo Power Cart electric cart has a variable speed handle bar twist grip that allows it to maneuver in tight aisles. The motorized cart retro kit can be adapted and installed on any cart, including linen, housekeeping, waste hoppers, and vending carts.

Motorized Dump Hopper
The motorized dump hopper eliminates the pushing of heavy trash and debris used for daily duties in a facility.

Powered Carts for Industrial Environments:

motorized-retro-kit Electric Cart Power Mover
Motorized Industrial Cart Electric Cart Power Mover

The motorized industrial cart eliminates the pushing of heavy lumber, window, door, or extrusion carts.

The PartsCaddy electric cart will move materials, parts, or machinery from one location to another.

The WagonCaddy power mover will move materials, parts, or machinery from one location to another.




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