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Introducing the WagonCaddyHD
No longer will you need to expend extra time and labor transporting awkwardly-sized loads that don’t fit neatly on the cart. The new WagonCaddyHD from DJ Products provides a unique solution for easy maneuvering of difficult items. Your employees a... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
5 Tips to Improve Your Warehouse Team in 2015
When attempting to improve efficiency in your  warehouse, there are a lot of moving parts that require attention. You must manage the movement of incoming goods from suppliers, maintain accurate inventory, coordinate deliveries to suit your custom... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Hiring Tips for Hourly Warehouse Employees
Most businesses rely on hourly employees for certain positions. Many workers simply prefer the flexibility and freedom of part-time work. For today?s managers, it?s crucial to get excellent warehouse productivity from hourly employees while operat... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Need Temp Help in Your Warehouse? Who You Gonna? Call?
Warehouse productivity depends on having a trained staff of people to move your products. Occasionally, temporary help is required to cover shifts or regular full-time employees who are on vacation or illness leave. In other situations, you may ne... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Got Extra Temp Warehouse Staff In ? Here?s How to Help Them be Productive
The busy times that call for temporary staff also call for the highest level of warehouse productivity and performance. When your warehouse brings in extra staff, use these tips to get the most out of everyone: Set Clear Expectations Make sure tem... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Industrial Equipment Orders Rise and Strong Growth Predicted
The global economy might not be on solid ground, but that hasn’t stopped the industrial sector from experiencing increasing growth. In fact, strong demand for different types of industrial equipment has led to higher profits for industrial giant G... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Plan Ahead for the MHEDA 2015 Conference
The premier networking and educational event of the year is already around the corner: the MHEDA Annual Convention & Exhibitors’ Showcase for 2015. The material handling conference is scheduled two weeks earlier than usual, so don’t be caught off ... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Featuring the Paper Roll Pusher
Material handling equipment must perform on multiple levels to be effective. In addition to protecting employees from injury and allowing them to move large, heavy materials, it must do all this in an efficient manner, and the operator controls ne... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Warehouse Productivity Tips
How your warehouse functions and makes use of its available space can have a tremendous impact on your profit. To anyone not familiar with your business, managing the storage, movement, and shipment of goods and material may appear simple. But you... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
Improve Your Warehouse?s Efficiency with These Tips
Small changes in warehouse management can quickly add up to a major boost in productivity. Here are some crucial tips to improve warehouse efficiency day in and day out: Update your Management Software Nobody should be relying on pen and paper or ... [from DJ Products, Inc.]
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Motorized Powered Cart - Hospitality and Hospital Carts

The following motorized cart pusher product line eliminates strains and pains from pushing heavy carts, such as dirty linens or cleaning supplies, in hospitals, hotels, resorts, and casinos.

Powered Carts for the Hospitality and Hospital Environments:

motorized-housekeeping-cart motorized-dirty-linen-cart motorized-clean-linen-wire-cart
Powered Housekeeping Cart

Powered Dirty Linen Cart

Motorized Clean Linen
Wire Cart

The powered housekeeping cart eliminates the pushing of heavy housekeeping cleaning and linen carts.

The powered dirty linen cart eliminates the pushing of heavy soiled or dirty linens in hospitals, hotels, resorts and casinos.

The motorized clean linen wire cart eliminates the pushing of heavy clean linen and supplies

partscaddylite ErgoPower Cart motorized-housekeeping-cart
Powered Cart Electric Cart Motorized Cart Retro Kit
The PartsCaddyLite powered cart will move materials, parts or machinery from one location to another. The Ergo Power Cart electric cart has a variable speed handle bar twist grip that allows it to maneuver in tight aisles. The motorized cart retro kit can be adapted and installed on any cart, including linen, housekeeping, waste hoppers, and vending carts.

Motorized Dump Hopper
The motorized dump hopper eliminates the pushing of heavy trash and debris used for daily duties in a facility.

Powered Carts for Industrial Environments:

motorized-retro-kit Electric Cart Power Mover
Motorized Industrial Cart Electric Cart Power Mover

The motorized industrial cart eliminates the pushing of heavy lumber, window, door, or extrusion carts.

The PartsCaddy electric cart will move materials, parts, or machinery from one location to another.

The WagonCaddy power mover will move materials, parts, or machinery from one location to another.




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