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One of the largest problems facing employees in high volume warehouse and distribution center situations revolves around manually pushing carts and repetitive bending and lifting. Manual material handling can increase the risk of debilitating musculoskeletal injuries but these issues can be quickly and easily remedied with the appropriate equipment like a scissor lift from DJ Products.

In order for any warehouse or distribution center to function properly and be successful materials must be accurately received and quickly transported to the necessary location. An incoming shipment may contain materials for several different customer orders and material for stock. This could require receiving employees to push a fully loaded cart to a number of different areas of the warehouse and result in plenty of bending and lifting to get materials where they need to be.

This type of intense physical labor can result in serious injuries that could keep valuable employees out of work for extended periods of time. This will not only have a dramatic impact on the warehouse crew’s ability to perform but an ensuing workers’ comp claim could cost the company thousands of dollars in medical expenses.

Warehouses and distribution centers can increase employee productivity and minimize the chances for injury associated with manual material handling at the same time by investing in the right equipment. The scissor lift from DJ Products will instantly minimize the stress and strain associated with pulling or pushing a heavy cart and make putting stock away safer and easier on employees.

The scissor lift is capable of hauling loads of up to 5000 pounds without putting any undue stress of shipping or receiving employees. Once the employee has transported the material to the desired location the scissor lift will automatically raise the load to the appropriate height for safe lifting. This will completely eliminate the strain associated with the bending and twisting necessary for putting stock away from a traditional manual push cart. This creates a much safer and more efficient work environment for all warehouse and distribution center employees.

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