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Not every employee that works in a high volume distribution or office environment has the strength to haul around heavy boxes.  This usually means that the majority of shipping, receiving, picking and stocking needs to be performed by the specific employees who are capable of handling heavier materials.

This strategy may work 90% of the time but if there are ever instances where those specific employees who handle the heavy materials aren’t available, unnecessary delays in order processing can arise.  In order to stay ahead of the competition, your company needs to be able to provide timely and accurate service to your customers and having the appropriate equipment on site can help accomplish that.

The electric cart from DJ Products is an easy to use and incredibly versatile piece of equipment that makes it possible for any employee to haul heavy products or materials.  Any employee, regardless of physical strength, can maneuver an electric cart that is fully loaded with heavy boxes to its required destination without overexertion.

The electric cart has a tight turning radius and is small enough to be easily maneuvered down narrow aisles or in cramped quarters.  This allows even employees who’ve got limited experience operating material handling equipment to maneuver heavy loads of product or supplies without disrupting their surroundings.  The electric cart from DJ is also powered by a long lasting battery and can run for an entire eight hour shift on a single charge, so it will always be ready when an employee needs it.

An electric cart gives a high volume office or distribution environment an extra edge making each and every employee more versatile and more productive.  Any business looking for an affordable way to increase productivity could benefit from the addition of a piece of material handling equipment like an electric cart.

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