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The high price of fuel has hit the airline industry again. The third quarter profits for major airlines have taken a hit due to fuel costs. The industry has seen an increase in air travel but the hoped for corresponding profits did not materialize. The same can be said for the moving of products on the ground. An increase in diesel and gasoline hasn’t helped the ground based transportation industry. Even small business man in fields as diverse as landscaping to over the road tractor trailer drivers dread the purchase of more fuel at these prices.

The use of some alternative methods of moving some equipment around can be a help in using less fuel. DJ Products has a number of electric powered alternative ways to move carts, cars, dumpsters and trailers. The rechargeable motors can be a real workhorse and last up to 16 hours after one charge. These yard trucks are also ergonomically engineered to improve employee safety and ease of use.

A piece of equipment like the heavy duty trailer mover has a number of advantages that make it perfect for large distribution centers and even convention halls. The trailer mover can take a large trailer from one area of a distribution facility to another without using a tractor, its fuel or its driver. It takes just one person to guide the trailer along to its new location and the unit’s maneuverability can get it into the smallest of places.

The trailer mover can also be helpful when a large piece of equipment is to be moved around indoors. Moving boats around a convention center which is also known to have tight spacing has never been easier. A battery powered unit of course has no noxious emissions to send out into the enclosed area for a convention center as well.

A landscaping contractor certainly buys a lot of fuel and usually has a large trailer full of equipment that is brought home every day for safekeeping. This trailer can be maneuvered into a back yard or garage with the trailer caddy and no gas will be used and no need to back it in and out using the pick up. The trailer caddy has countless uses that make major equipment moving jobs easier and easier to afford.

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