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Manufacturing and distribution environments that are completely reliant on manual push carts for material handling are not only limiting the employees they can hire, but increasing the chance of injury.  Any employee, even those that possess reasonable physical strength, required to haul a fully loaded manual cart weighing several hundred pounds could suffer a musculoskeletal injury from overexertion.

By upgrading from manual push carts to reliable and efficient electric carts from DJ Products employers can immediately increase the capabilities and efficiency of employees and reduce the risk of injury.  The electric cart from DJ Products works well in a variety of environments to allow virtually any employee to capably tackle the task of moving heavy supplies or materials from one location to another.

The electric cart is easy to operate via an ergonomically designed variable speed twist grip that allows employees to move heavy materials at speeds of up to three miles per hour.  The electric cart from DJ also has a built in safety stop switch that prevents warehouse accidents that could cause injuries to the operator and other employees or damage to materials.  Jobs that would have previously taken two employees or several trips to complete can be handled quickly and safely by a single employee with the help of an electric cart.

As with any equipment upgrade making the move to electric carts in favor of manual carts will require an initial investment, but it is an investment that can pay for itself in a number of ways.  The electric carts will immediately increase employee productivity and help to minimize the chances for injuries and workers’ compensation claims that could cost employers a substantial amount of money.

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