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The large truck terminal or large distribution center that has many trucks coming and going has seen their operation impacted by the higher cost of diesel fuel for many years. The price of regular gas is bad enough but the fuel that drives the over the road industry is even higher in price. There is no way to keep this expense down on the road except by finding more fuel efficient trucks or shorter distances to travel. That isn’t really feasible for businesses that want to increase deliveries expand territory.

The yard is one place that you can decrease the amount of diesel your trucks use by implementing a piece of equipment like the DJ Products powered trailer spotter. This safe and strong piece of equipment can move empty trailers, tanks and lowboy/drop deck trailers to any location in your facility. They can be operated safely by one person without requiring a diesel guzzling truck to get the job done. This equipment also helps to keep things moving fast as there is no waiting for a qualified driver to get in a cab and accomplish the move for you.

The trailer spotter’s ease of maneuverability and smooth operation make working in tight areas an easy chore. Employees can get the empty vehicles close together and save some yard space. When its time to load up the trailer spotter is right there to easily maneuver any trailer you need into position.

These spotters can have a lot of uses besides those in a terminal. Convention centers are a good spot for this versatile piece of equipment. Boats, RVs, toy haulers and watercraft can be moved all over the showroom floor with no noxious fumes being discharged. Safety, inexpensive operation and versatility are all available with this rock solid and highly effective piece of equipment.