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Summer is a big time of year for car sales and repairs. Increases in vacations and long trips have many travelers looking to ensure that they are getting behind the wheel of a safe vehicle and that causes a boost in business for dealers and mechanics.

This causes more product to be pushed into already crowded lots and plenty of congestion at busy mechanic shops. In order for employees to safely and effectively cope with all of the extra activity that goes on during the summer they need access to the most appropriately designed equipment for their job. Adding a piece of equipment like the car pusher from DJ Products can instantly make moving new and used cars in either one of these environments much safer and easier.

Employees who have access to the car pusher have complete control over the car or truck that they are pushing without having to deal with the physical strain associated with having to move it manually. Auto lot and mechanic employees can deftly maneuver inoperable vehicles in and out of cramped repair bays or move new cars from one end of a lot to another with no fear of accidents or injuries.

Keeping valuable employees injury free and keeping cars free of damage is the only way that a busy auto lot or mechanic shop can effectively keep up with these increases in business. Customers don’t want to experience excessive delays when their cars are being serviced and few customers would be willing to pay sticker price for a car that has been unnecessarily damaged on the lot.

Investing in a piece of equipment like the car pusher increases productivity at the same time that it reduce the risk of damage and injury. This allows auto lots and mechanic shops to keep up with increases in volume, improve service level and generate additional profits.