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Use Powered Roll Pusher to Push Paper Efficiently

April 30, 2013 By: CartPro Category: Productivity Tips, Products

When you ask some people what they do for a living, the response you get is, “I push paper.” These people are likely referring to office work where they process or pass along documents. They are not really pushing paper, as much as they are passing it along and with the use of computers, the volume of paper being processed in office environments has decreased.

Even with new technology, there are, however, still people who really do push paper, and lots of it. Paper companies still make paper and it still has to be transported through warehouses and onto trucks and distributed around the world. A paper company may have employees transport paper rolls that weigh up to 10,000 lbs. In the past, they used air pushers, but found that these were not exactly efficient. DJ Products, Inc. offers a paper roll pusher system that can be adjusted to accommodate paper rolls of different heights. The great thing about a powered paper roll pusher is that it efficiently allows rolls of different sizes to be transported while efficiently only requiring a single operator to push and maneuver rolls and there is not need for the limitations presented by air hoses.

And while you can opt to use fork trucks, walkies or riding tugs to move rolls at your paper manufacturing facility, keep in mind that this kind of equipment will require a lot more storage space than is need for the CartCaddy powered roll pusher. Additionally, you can also use a powered roll pusher from DJ Products to transport wire spools as well as paper rolls.

Get Ergonomic Material Handling Solutions and Retain Older Workers

January 29, 2013 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, Productivity Tips, Safety and Ergonomics

Some older workers, particularly those who work in jobs that require them to use a certain amount of physical strength, are feeling nervous these days. They worry that if it seems like they cannot handle their work, they may see themselves replaced by younger workers. This fear may cause some older workers to attempt too much in order to prove their value to an organization. They may injure themselves not because they are too old, but because they strain themselves to prove their worth.

Today’s organizations need people of various ages to work together. Older workers have experience and know-how that younger workers do not have; young workers have fresh perspectives that can energize operations. Rather than lose older workers, you can see to it that all of your employees have ergonomic material handling equipment that prevents fatigue, muscle strain, and other injuries. You are probably well aware that it is costly to recruit, hire, and train a slew of new employees, so why not invest in making sure the ones you already have remain on the job?

A DJ Products Power Puller can maneuver in extremely tight spaces and ease the work of transporting hospital carts, laundry carts, maintenance carts and parts carts. These types of carts typically are less than 1500 lbs. and are generally maneuvered manually. Due to the nature of these carts’ uses, some organizations mainly assign elderly employees to maneuver them but our power pullers can also help younger employees as well. If our battery power puller is used, risks of fatigue and injury to valuable workers can be reduced.

Reduce Risk of Food Processing Plant Injury with Industrial Tuggers

August 21, 2012 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, Food industry, Productivity Tips, Products, Safety and Ergonomics

A study from commercial insurer CNA that examined the risks associated with working in the food processing industry found that “the types of incidents most likely to cause worker injuries are manual material handling and physical stress; struck by and struck against; and falls on the same level.” The report also noted that while the industry has increased its use of power movers, there was still a reliance on manual transport that lead to injuries that may have been prevented.

As the reports also states, “Profitability in the food processing industry depends on the rapid production of final product and its timely shipment to customers. The continuous rapid movement of large amounts of raw materials and finished products throughout the production cycle exposes workers to injuries resulting from contact with moving objects.”

We know that you cannot afford to slow down operations. We also know that you would like to avoid costly worker compensations claims and the loss of productivity and morale that go along with those claims. So, try using a DJ Products powered mover, like the CartCaddyShorty for example.

The CartCaddyShorty can be used to transport a variety of heavy loads, including things like large quantities of cold cuts or a cart full of cookie dough. This small, but powerful tugger is one the most maneuverable tugs you’ll find today.

While you can continue to allow your employees to push heavy carts because they are ‘getting the job done,’ consider that ergonomically designed equipment will still help them complete their tasks with the added benefit of preventing strains and sprains that can harm your staff and your financial outlook.

Increase Productivity with Ergonomically-Designed Power Movers

July 31, 2012 By: CartPro Category: ergonomics, Productivity Tips, Products, Safety and Ergonomics

According to the OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) website, “Ergonomics includes restructuring or changing workplace conditions to make the job easier and reducing/stressors that cause cumulative trauma disorders and repetitive motion injuries.”

While some employers may expect employees to find ways to avoid injury on their own (while keeping up with quotas and deadlines), a savvy employer will give employees the necessary equipment to prevent injury. Preventing injury can also prevent the overuse of sick leave for injury-related strain and the dips in morale that can occur when a number of employees are injured.

At DJ Products, we manufacture power movers and motorized cart movers that have been designed to help the human body complete work tasks without undue stress and strain.

Your employees can use our products to:
Maneuver heavy linen carts in hospitals and hotels
Push heavy rolls of paper or fabric
Pull heavy window, glass ,and door carts
Push buses, trailers or cars through trade shows or on assembly lines
Transport dumpsters across parking lots

These are just a few of the ways our products can help your employees transport heavy loads and avoid injury. All of our products are designed with maneuverability, ergonomics, affordability, and productivity in mind. And, with some minor configurations, our products can be adapted for almost every heavy cart pushing or pulling application.

You can call us at 800-686-2651 and one of our Sales Engineers would be happy to help you select the material handling solution that will fit you needs and explore custom applications where our base products match primary criteria.

Use a Tow Tugger to Transport Carts Safely

June 26, 2012 By: CartPro Category: Productivity Tips, Products, Safety and Ergonomics

DJ Products offers tow tugs like the CartCaddy Shorty that are designed to help workers move heavy carts and equipment efficiently and safely. Our motorized cart movers increase productivity by reducing the number of operators needed to move a heavy cart since tuggers like the CartCaddy Shorty can be operated by one employee.

One employee can move heavy carts and equipment safely with the CartCaddy Shorty because it attaches to the swivel-castered end of a cart and provides the pushing and pulling power necessary for easy turning and intricate maneuvering. It has a variable speed twist grip for forward and reverse directions and can be operated at speeds from from 0 to 3 mph. This means that it can keep up with the operator so he or she will not become frustrated or need to try to yank it or force it to move. Operator frustration such as that can cause problems and our equipment was designed to avoid those kinds of situation.

Another important feature of the CartCaddy Shorty is the safety stop. When the safety stop is activated, the machine stops immediately to prevent any possible injury. We design our equipment to be as safe as possible and to prevent strain, however there are situations that we cannot foresee. This is why an operator has the option of stopping the tugger immediately if necessary.
Sufficient power can also be a safety concern since you do not want to buy equipment that stops working in the middle of the job. The CartCaddyShorty Power Tugger can be operated continuously for 16 hours before you need to recharge it.