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Material Handling and Distribution Heats Up in the Summer – Literally

June 16, 2010 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Products, Safety and Ergonomics, Warehousing

Warehouses are generally poorly ventilated buildings with no good source of circulation, many with metal roofs that absorb the heat of the sun, and certainly no provisions for air conditioning.  So as the temperatures of the Summer rises, so does the temperature of the workplace.

Open dock and receiving doors let in the Summer heat and the fast pace of the employees and the bustle of the machinery just forces the temperatures even higher throughout the course of the day.  In this type of environment it’s critical to have safe and reliable material handling equipment, because the extreme heat will only add to the dangers of manual material handling.

Having the proper equipment to assist in the transport of heavy loads gives your employees the opportunity to complete their work according to (or even ahead of) schedule without having to over exert themselves inside of the scorching warehouse environment.  Old, outdated propane forklifts can throw hot exhaust, which can also work to drive up the temperature in an already borderline dangerous environment making a very uncomfortable workplace practically unbearable.

Just because the temperature has risen outside, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to slow down your operation or that you have to compromise your employees’ safety.  Reliable, battery operated carts and lifts help to ensure that your employees will have the assistance they need with heavy materials, minimizing the risks involved with manual material handling.  Battery operated carts don’t tend to get as hot as propane operated lifts and they also don’t release hot exhaust into the already stifling air.

Your warehouse or distribution center is most likely going to be hot – even with ceiling and floor exhaust fans running it’s difficult to keep temperatures down.  It’s up to you to do whatever you can to keep your employees safe and one of the best ways to do that is to operate with the most reliable battery powered lifts.  Lifts and carts from DJ Products will help minimize unnecessary excess heat while ensuring that your employees can safely perform their regular duties without the fear of over exertion.

Hazards in the Workplace

March 19, 2010 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, Material Handling, OSHA, Productivity Tips, Products, Safety and Ergonomics, Warehousing

Many things located in your workplace; things that you use every single day without a second though, things as common as pallets, ladders, hand trucks can all prove to be dangerous if not used properly.  Many of the pieces of equipment that you use on a regular basis, the things that you come in contact with so often that you take their necessity for granted, can pose a serious health risk to you and others if they aren’t in good condition or if they aren’t properly used.

Regular inspections of all equipment should be made to ensure that everything is in good working condition, regular maintenance should be performed on any equipment that contains moving parts and you should ensure that all of your employees are educated on the proper use of the equipment.

The equipment that you use everyday needs to be: properly used by your employees, in good working condition and capable of handling the work that you are using it for.  Many workplace injuries can be avoided simply by the use of the right equipment for the task at hand.  The electric carts and lifts offered by DJ Products are easy to operate – your employees can be trained quickly to operate these lifts properly, safely and efficiently.  They are quiet – the rest of your employees won’t be distracted by excessive noise while DJ Product’s equipment is operating.  They are highly efficient and have long battery life – your employees won’t be stuck with an unfinished load of material in the middle of your warehouse due to the fact that their cart died.  All of these attributes will make your warehouse more efficient and much safer for all of your employees.

Safety should be a prime concern when you work in material handling – and safety starts with the right equipment for the job and properly trained employees.  You can make your operation as safe as possible and dramatically increase your company’s efficiency by using the right equipment for the job.

The most Common Accidents are often the most Avoidable

February 15, 2010 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, ergonomics, Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Safety and Ergonomics, Warehousing

When a warehouse or material handling accident is mentioned it often conjures up images of something serious, like a large rack collapse or a forklift that’s been driven off of a dock.  Though these are accidents that certainly can and do occur, they are in reality much more rare than the most common type of accident seen in warehousing – the trip (or slip) and fall.

When your employees have to physically carry materials from one location to another (locations that are often on different levels), lines of vision can get impaired making it difficult or impossible to see obstacles, spills or alterations in the surface that could lead to a nasty fall.  The potential for injury when a fall occurs, when the subject is carrying something, is greater due to the fact that the person can’t easily brace themselves for the impact because their hands are occupied.

These potentially dangerous accidents could easily be avoided if your material handlers were using equipment that was ergonomically designed for moving material rather than having to manually move it.  DJ Products carries a wide array of equipment that is safe and reliable and that will greatly lessen the chances of dangerous accidents in your warehouse.  The lifts and carts from DJ Products will quickly move material (much more than could be manually moved by an individual) and will put it in the proper position for your employees to lift.  Since the lifts are doing the work, your employees can focus and concentrate on the path they are traveling which will drastically reduce the chances of a trip or slip and fall accident.

When you can effectively eliminate the most common accidents from your work environment, you make it a much safer place for your employees.  You’ll lose less man hours to injury and increase your employee’s productivity, which can also do wonders for your bottom line.

Ergonomic Design Makes the Motorized Cart Workhorse of Future

February 01, 2010 By: CartPro Category: ergonomics, Future Trends, Material Handling, Products, Safety and Ergonomics

Ergonomic design, energy efficiency and versatility make DJ Products’ motorized cart the material handling workhorse of the future — or at least the next decade. Our battery-powered and motorized carts and cart movers seem tailor-made for the federal government’s push to improve workplace safety, reduce medical costs, save energy and put more people back to work.

  • Improve workplace safety. The Obama administration is poised to increase governmental regulation of workplace safety issues. Ergonomics will play an important role in creating safe working environments. The science of designing equipment to fit the physical attributes and abilities of the worker, ergonomics reduces discomfort and fatigue and prevents repetitive strain injuries that can lead to long-term disability.
  • Reduce medical costs. With Congress revamping the national health care system, businesses will be working even harder to bring down medical costs. By preventing expensive musculoskeletal injuries, ergonomics helps businesses drastically reduce medical costs, worker’s compensation expenses and medical insurance premiums.
  • Save energy. The President’s promise at the U.N. Copenhagen climate conference to drastically cut the nation’s carbon dioxide production places renewed emphasis on equipment that isn’t powered by CO2-producing fossil fuels. DJ Product’s motorized carts and tugs use clean, green battery or electric power. Just like the Energizer Bunny, our tugs keep going and going, operating through two full shifts on a single charge.
  • Put people back to work. With most of the country starting the year with double-digit unemployment, putting people back to work is the government’s primary 2010 goal. Ergonomic design makes it possible for workers of any size, age or sex to easily operate any of DJ Products’ versatile motorized carts. Intuitive design and conveniently placed controls make for safe operation with minimal training.

To find out more about DJ Products’ ergonomically designed motorized carts and tugs, visit our website.

Wheel Design Is Important Element in Health, Hospitality Equipment

January 13, 2010 By: CartPro Category: ergonomics, hospitality industry, hospitals, Material Handling, Nursing Homes, Safety and Ergonomics

There’s a big difference in the amount of energy and effort it takes to push a wheeled cart across a smooth, flat linoleum floor and a floor covered in carpet. So many factors come into play, including:

  • The design, width and size of the wheel.
  • The weight of the piece of equipment being moved.
  • The depth and nap of the carpet.
  • Whether the transport area is flat or inclined or a combination of the two.

These issues and many others are seriously considered during the design of ergonomic material handling equipment for use in health care and hospitality settings that generally include carpets in some areas. Wheel design can significantly impact the amount of force it takes to maneuver a laundry, food, utility, maintenance or garbage cart or some other piece of equipment across hospital, nursing home, hotel, motel or resort floors.

DJ Products electric cart pushers feature a unique wheel design that provides optimal traction on both smooth and carpeted floors with no discernable transition issues. The ergonomic design of our motorized hospital and hospitality cart pushers removes transition issues as carts move easily from one flooring surface to the next. Changes in grade and friction are negated by ergonomic wheel design that allows smooth travel over and between surfaces. The unique 5th wheel design of our control arm allows safe 180 degree pivoting of fully-loaded carts under the arm. This feature allows workers to turn heavy loads a full 90 degrees without risk of jackknifing the care or needing to manually maneuver the front end of the cart.

The result is safer operation for hospital and hospitality workers and more versatile use of these exceptional ergonomic material handling products.