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Hotels and Hospitals: Powered Carts Can Increase Efficiency & Reduce Strain

December 27, 2011 By: CartPro Category: ergonomics, hospitality industry, hospitals, Safety and Ergonomics

Employees in the hospitality industry as well as those working in actual hospitals can benefit by using a motorized powered cart to transport items like linens and cleaning supplies. If your employees are currently using carts that they push manually, consider the strain they may be under and consider switching to powered carts from DJ Products, such as a Powered Housekeeping Cart or a Motorized Clean Linen Wire Cart.

The Powered Housekeeping Cart and the Motorized Clean Linen Wire Cart can haul loads up to 700 lbs. The variable speed twist grips allow the operator to travel between 0-3 mph, forward or backward. Both of these carts can be used for an entire shift without re-charging. As long as they are charged, you do not have to worry that an employee will need to take time away from work tasks to wait while a powered cart charges. These carts can also be customized as needed for different environments.

Powered carts will not only help reduce strain and aches from repeated pulling, pushing and tugging–they may also reduce the time it takes for employees to complete their rounds. All of our products are battery powered “walk-behind” units, allowing better control by the operator, even in tight, difficult spaces. Allowing your workers to use ergonomically designed equipment, like motorized carts, can do a lot to reduce injury and the loss of productivity that goes with it. The proactive implementation of ergonomic policies can improve worker morale and make your operations much more efficient.

Be it a hospital or a casino or a hotel, you need to keep things going around the clock—linens need to be changed and rooms need to be cleaned on a continual basis. Powered carts can reduce the time it takes for employees to get this work completed and they will feel less strain as they finish their tasks.

Ergonomic Carts a Natural for Health Care Industry

September 23, 2009 By: CartPro Category: economy, ergonomics, hospitals, Pharmaceutical industry, Products, Safety and Ergonomics

Health care may be one of the few bright spots in the American economy. With the Baby Boomers just beginning to enter the age of aches and pains (otherwise known as retirement), the health care industry is expected to be booming for some decades to come. Health care jobs top the list of most employment recruiters and are drawing huge numbers of future workers to training programs. No job is recession-proof, but health care comes close.

What’s interesting is that the Boomers lining up for treatment also comprise the largest number of current health care workers. The poor economy has encouraged many nurses, aides and other health care workers to forego retirement and remain on the job. The flexible and part-time schedules available in many segments of the health care industry have made it possible for workers to balance work responsibilities with the need to care for children, aging parents or a disabled spouse, further increasing the average age of experienced health care workers. The aging of the health care workforce means for hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers and other health care employers must accommodate the changing physical needs of their workers.

Ergonomically-designed powered carts allow workers of any age or size to easily accomplish necessary tasks without risk of the often debilitating musculoskeletal injuries that can occur from pushing and pulling heavy carts. A national leader in the design and manufacture of ergonomic motored carts and tugs, DJ Products offers several carts specifically designed to navigate crowded hospital corridors and maneuver in cramped hospital rooms.

  • Housekeeping Cart. Eliminates strain from pushing heavy carts filled with cleaning supplies or linens.
  • Dirty Linen Cart. Eliminates pain and muscle strain from maneuvering heavy soiled linens through rooms and hallways.
  • Clean Linen Wire Cart. Has wire shelves for stacking clean linens or moving supplies without straining.

Visit the DJ Products’ website to see our complete line of ergonomic motorized carts and tugs.

Part 2: How DJ Products Can Help You Be a Survivor

January 16, 2009 By: CartPro Category: Automotive Industry, Business Tips, fulfillment, hospitals, logistics, Manufacturing Industry, Material Handling, OSHA, Pharmaceutical industry, Products, retail industry, Safety and Ergonomics, Warehousing

Recently, we’ve been talking about the recession, workplace initiatives and increased regulation expected from the incoming Obama administration, and what it will take to position your business to survive the rocky road ahead. A tight grip on expenses, the willingness to embrace innovative ideas and technology, and the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves will be the hallmarks of companies that rise above the competition to succeed.

Many powerful issues will confront American business owners in the days ahead. Cost effectiveness, worker safety, healthcare issues, energy and environmental concerns, immigration and a changing workforce are among the challenges that we will face. Business owners who are proactive in addressing these challenges will position themselves to succeed. A leader in the design and manufacture of innovative, cost-effective, ergonomically-designed carts, tugs and movers, DJ Products can help you successfully meet the coming challenges. Continuing our Wednesday post, here’s how DJ Products can help you move ahead of the competition:  

  • Energy and environmental concerns are expected to take center stage with the Obama administration billing itself as the “green team.” Alternative energy products that decrease our country’s dependence on oil will receive increasing support as will products that decrease the nation’s environmental footprint. DJ Products’ battery-powered electric carts, tugs and movers use clean energy and have the staying power to work a full shift without recharging.
  • Changing workforce patterns are expected to create new challenges for businesses and industry as immigrant workers comprise an increasing portion of our country’s labor force. Language and cultural issues are expected to impact work environments and job efficiency. Intuitive ergonomic controls on DJ Products’ powered movers and carts make them easy to operate and control, bridging any potential language barrier. Our customers report an extremely brief and highly satisfactory training curve when our products are introduced into the workplace.

For complete information about DJ Products’ ergonomic carts, tugs and movers, visit our website. On our website, you’ll find a helpful Ergonomic Load Calculator that can help you or your company’s safety and health specialist estimate the amount of force necessary to move loads in your workplace. The program considers a number of variables specific to your work environment and makes product recommendations that can be used to improve both workforce and production efficiency.  Contact one of our industry experts today to find out how DJ Products can help you be a survivor.

How DJ Products Can Help You Be a Survivor

January 14, 2009 By: CartPro Category: Automotive Industry, Business Tips, Food industry, fulfillment, hospitals, logistics, Manufacturing Industry, Material Handling, Nursing Homes, OSHA, Pharmaceutical industry, Products, retail industry, Safety and Ergonomics, Warehousing

As we’ve said in this space before, it’s going to take a firm hand on expenses, the guts to embrace innovative ideas and products, and the flexibility to act quickly when opportunities present themselves to survive the current recession.  DJ Products’ ergonomically-engineered carts, tugs and movers can help you get the jump on the competition and position your business to move boldly — and successfully — into the future.

Cost effectiveness, worker safety, healthcare issues, energy and environmental concerns, immigration and a changing workforce — these are among the most powerful issues that confront businesses owners today. Customers, workers, the public and the government will all be watching how we address these issues in the course of business. It’s no longer enough to produce a fine product. Today, we’re also graded on how we produce that product and the cost or benefit to our workers and the environment, not just our customers. Government oversight and a watchful press have added a few links to the food chain.

Here’s how DJ Products’ ergonomically-designed carts, tugs and movers can help you successfully meet these challenges:

  • Cost effectiveness is key when every penny counts. When DJ Products’ ergonomic carts and movers are integrated into your workplace or production operation, full return on investment is typically realized within the first year or two through increased production and worker efficiency and decreased healthcare, disability and workers’ compensation costs.
  • Worker safety is one of the issues at the top of President-elect Obama’s to-do list. Stricter OSHA regulations regarding ergonomic issues are expected early in his administration. During his campaign, Obama promised workers a safer work environment which industry experts predict will mean tougher ergonomic standards and increased government oversight. Implementing an ergonomic program built around DJ Products’ carts, tugs and movers will put you ahead of the game as regulations tighten up. Ergonomically designed to take the physical burden off your workers, DJ Products’ carts improve workplace safety significantly.
  • Healthcare issues will be another key thrust of the incoming administration. Many of the plans being discussed in the press will increase the already difficult healthcare burden on employers. Ergonomic equipment is a proven way to significantly — and immediately — decrease employee medical, insurance and disability costs.

To be continued on Friday

New Retrofit Cart Kit Removes Strain From Common Tasks

January 05, 2009 By: CartPro Category: Food industry, fulfillment, hospitals, logistics, Manufacturing Industry, Material Handling, Nursing Homes, Pharmaceutical industry, Products, retail industry, Safety and Ergonomics, Warehousing

DJ Products has introduced a revolutionary new motorized retrofit cart kit that takes the pain and strain out of common tasks performed by many workers in a broad section of U.S. jobs. Designed to be mounted to almost any cart, this new retrofit kit can increase usefulness, flexibility, efficiency and worker safety in a wide variety of environments, including applications in hospitality and resort, hospital and healthcare, food service, retail, distribution and warehousing, vending, casino, banking and a host of other industries.

Designed to enhance and improve the capacity and flexibility of your cart investment, DJ Products’ retrofit cart kit is ergonomically designed and motorized to eliminate the musculoskeletal strain placed on workers when manually maneuvering heavy carts through the work environment. As America’s workforce ages, the risk of bodily injury increases as workers struggle to push and pull heavy carts from place to place and into position for use. Particularly common are back and muscle injuries that usually require expensive, long-term treatment and account for considerable lost man-hours.  A single back injury can cost a business $26,000 in time lost.

Employers who have installed DJ Products’ retrofit powered cart kit on their carts have reported a significant decreased in work-related injuries and employee turnover. Hand-in-hand has come improvement in employee efficiency and productivity. Employees have also expressed increased satisfaction with their jobs, a common phenomenon when employers act in their workers’ best interest to safeguard health and safety.

Able to power carts up to 4,000 pounds, DJ Products’ motorized retrofit cart kit is equipped with ergonomically-designed, variable-speed twist grips that allow forward and backward motion at speeds up to 3.2 mph. The motorized kit can move carts over a wide variety of surfaces, including carpet, tile, marble, cement and asphalt. Powered by two heavy-duty 12-volt batteries, the 24-volt motor in DJ Products’ retrofit cart kit is powerful enough to perform for an entire shift without recharging. Customizable to any application or environment, the DJ Products retrofit cart kit can be field installed by the customer or DJ Products can provide onsite installation.

For complete specifications and to view the revolutionary DJ Products motorized retrofit cart kit in action, visit the DJ Products website.