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What Is Material Handling?

April 22, 2009 By: CartPro Category: Material Handling, Products

Say the words “material handling” and many people think of forklifts carrying pallets across a warehouse floor. But material handling is so much more. There isn’t an industry or business that doesn’t handle materials, whether it’s steel on an auto assembly line or boxes of paper in an office. If you buy, sell or use anything (i.e., materials), it has to be moved and that, in its most basic essence, is material handling.

Efficient material handling can reap huge rewards for businesses. It can markedly increase efficiency, eliminate unproductive and duplicate efforts, improve production completion time and decrease worker accidents and injuries — all of which decrease costs and improve your bottom line. The key to maximizing your material handling investment is versatility. Material handling equipment that can be easily tasked to multiple uses, used by workers of any age or size, and that can maneuver easily in any environment, whether across an open floor or down a crowded corridor, will give you maximum return on your investment.

DJ Products is the nation’s premier manufacturer of ergonomically-designed electric carts and motorized cart pushers, the most versatile material handling equipment on the market today. DJ Products makes carts, pushers and movers for a wide variety of applications, from heavy industrial environments to hotel and hospital settings to retail establishments. We make heavy-duty tugs capable of moving 20,000 pounds of heavy equipment down an assembly line. We make compact cart pullers that can quietly move linen carts down a crowded hotel corridor or maneuver diagnostic equipment around a cramped hospital room. We make specialized equipment for the automotive industry that can just as easily maneuver cars, trucks or even trailers across a storage lot as around a showroom floor. And that’s just a sampling of the uses customers have found for our products.

But it’s ergonomic design that sets DJ Products’ equipment apart. Ergonomic design ensures that the equipment, not the worker, carries the load, significantly decreasing the risk of expensive and debilitating musculoskeletal injuries to employees. Ergonomic design assures optimal equipment management by any operator, no matter his or her age, physical size or strength. Adjustable features, strategically located and carefully designed controls, superior maneuverability in tight spaces, and excellent safety features are built into every DJ Products cart, pusher and mover.

Visit the DJ Products website today for complete information about our full line of ergonomically-designed material handling equipment.

Ergonomic Tuggers Features Increase Carts’ Versatility

April 17, 2009 By: CartPro Category: Material Handling, Products, Safety and Ergonomics

DJ Products’ ergonomically designed tuggers have numerous features designed to improve ease of use, safeguard your workers’ health and safety, and increase the versatility of the product. Here’s a rundown on just a few of the innovative features that set DJ Products’ CartCaddies above the competition:CartCaddy power carts and tuggers are equipped with a standard 36-volt system. Three 12-volt batteries provide 16 hours of continuous use – two full shifts — before recharging is necessary.Our motorized products are designed as walk-behind or ride-behind units to provide maximum operator control and safe sight lines. Variable-speed twist grips allow operators to instantly control the speed of the unit to match their own pace. Walk-behind units are capable of forward and reverse speeds from 0 to 3 mph; ride-behinds can achieve speeds up to 6 mph.DJ Products’ tuggers feature an ergonomically-designed variable-speed twist grip to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome while allowing the operator to maintain smooth control of the vehicle, even during intricate maneuvering.A safety stop switch is conveniently positioned at the back of the handle bar box on our CartCaddies. When depressed, this essential safety device immediately stops the unit to prevent operator injury.Compactly designed, our CartCaddies can easily maneuver in small, tight spaces, in heavily-trafficked corridors, and along busy production lines.Our spring hitch option and customized adjustable attachment provide maximum flexibility, allowing DJ Products’ tuggers to adapt to a wide variety of applications. With our customized attachment, there’s no need for expensive fabrication of multiple attachments for each cart or piece of equipment. Our CartCaddy products attach to all types of heavy carts and equipment quickly and easily, eliminating the considerable expense of installing tow arms or receivers. Our compact, highly maneuverable dolly movers can even accommodate applications where the product overhangs the framework of the cart without the need to modify each dolly. The CartCaddy’s adjustable attachment springs down and upward, attaching firmly to the bottom of any cart or piece of equipment.An electric lift option allows loads to be easily raised and lowered as needed, preventing potential worker injury from lifting and straining.DJ Products’ CartCaddy pullers and movers can pivot a full 180 degrees under the customized mover arm. This allows the operator to safely and smoothly turn loads a full 90 degrees without repositioning the cart and without fear of jackknifing when maneuvering heavy loads.These are just some of the superior use and safety features you’ll find available on DJ Products’ full line of tuggers. For complete information and detailed specifications on our complete product line, click here to visit our website.

DJ Products’ Power Movers Provide Versatile Solutions

March 02, 2009 By: CartPro Category: Automotive Industry, Food industry, fulfillment, hospitality industry, hospitals, logistics, Manufacturing Industry, Material Handling, Pharmaceutical industry, Products, retail industry, Safety and Ergonomics, Warehousing

If you need to move wheeled loads or equipment, DJ Products’ CartCaddy pullers, pushers and power movers provide the perfect solutions. The ergonomic design of all our products takes the physical burden of moving wheeled loads and equipment off workers, preventing debilitating strains and other serious musculoskeletal injuries. DJ Products’ CartCaddies allow a single worker to easily and safely transport supplies, products or equipment that would ordinarily require the manual muscle of two or more workers. For many applications in manufacturing, fulfillment, retail, medical care, hospitality, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, DJ Products’ power movers provide smart, safe, cost-effective solutions to moving heavy loads and equipment.DJ Products makes ergonomic CartCaddy cart and equipment pullers, pushers and movers in a variety of sizes to handle any job:

  • The CartCaddyShorty is the smallest, most maneuverable tug on the market today, capable of handling loads up to 3,000 pounds.
  • Our CartCAddy5WP has added weight over the drive tires to create the greater traction necessary to move heavier loads, from 3,000 to 20,000 pounds.
  • The CartCaddyHD is the workhorse you need to move heavy duty loads and equipment up to 50,000 pounds.
  • Our RiderCaddy is designed to transport the heaviest loads and can easily move loaded trailers. A built-in platform allows the operator to either sit or stand on the caddy while moving loads at speeds up to 6 mph.  

All DJ Products’ power movers are equipped with standard 3-1/2-volt batteries (36-volt system) that provide 16 hours of continuous use before recharging — plenty of power for two full shifts. Our CartCaddies are designed as walk-behind units (or ride-behind in the case of our RiderCaddy) to provide operators maximum control and visibility. Variable-speed, ergonomically-designed twist grips prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and allow operators to maintain smooth control during maneuvering. CartCaddies are capable of both forward and reverse operation and speeds from 0 to 3 mph. A safety stop switch, an essential safety feature, is conveniently located on the back of the handle bar box, allowing the operator to stop the mover instantly to prevent injury.Visit the DJ Products’ website to review the specifications of all our ergonomically-designed CartCaddy products. In addition to complete specifications, you’ll find videos showing each product in action. Our knowledgeable ergonomic sales engineers can help you select the right product for your application.

Customers Find Unusual Applications for DJ Products’ Powered Carts

February 02, 2009 By: CartPro Category: Material Handling, Products

Here at DJ Products, we love to hear about some of the unusual and unique uses our customers have found for our motorized carts and powered movers. Often our customers’ inventiveness matches our own when it comes to finding new uses for our ergonomically-designed, compact and highly maneuverable CartCaddies.

S.B. of Sound Construction, who uses our versatile TrailerCaddy on job sites, found a unique personal use for his motorized vehicle mover during off hours. Boating and fishing are the big sports in his neck of the woods where nearly every driveway sports a boat on a trailer. Tired of the tedious back and forth maneuvering it takes to back a boat trailer into a narrow driveway, S.B. put his TrailerCaddy to use and easily positioned his boat in record time — and still had plenty of space to get the family car into the garage. His neighbors were so impressed, his TrailerCaddy is now in hot demand.

“No more must I watch the neighbors look like geeks trying to back their boats into the driveway — they simply borrow my TrailerCaddy,”  S.B said.

Often, customers come to us with a specific problem that challenges us to find new applications for our motorized equipment movers. We’re always pleased when our solution is a hit, as it was for J.A. of Wausau West High School.  

Lugging heavy, unwieldy, free-standing bleachers from one site to another was a problem for the maintenance crew at Wausau West High School. If you have ever tried to move one of these massive blocks of “portable” temporary bleachers, you know portability played second fiddle to sturdy construction when these units were designed. Unfortunately, the multiple uses to which schools must put their space demand flexible equipment use. Muscling bleachers into position for band concerts, school assemblies and various sporting events can tax the physical resources of even the stoutest maintenance crew. The risk of muscle and back strain and other injuries is high.

J.A. came to us seeking a solution. Our small profile, highly maneuverable, powered tugger, the CartCaddyShorty, proved to be the perfect solution. Capable of handling 3,000 pounds and maneuvering in tight spaces and crowded school corridors, the CartCaddyShorty allows a single worker to move and maneuver into place the school’s bleacher units in record time with no more backaches!

“Planning on spreading the work on this solution to the bleacher problem in other schools,” said a pleased J.A.

If you’ve found an unusual use for our equipment, we’d love to hear from you. And if you have a particular problem, give us a call. We love a challenge!

Free CartCaddy Demo Program Lets You Try Before You Buy

January 28, 2009 By: CartPro Category: Automotive Industry, Food industry, fulfillment, hospitals, Manufacturing Industry, Material Handling, Nursing Homes, Pharmaceutical industry, Products, retail industry, Warehousing

If you’re a businessman, you know that marketing and sales can get a customer in the door and make that first sale, but it’s superior customer service that keeps customers coming back. The management and staff of DJ Products are dedicated to providing our customers with superior service. If you have a material handling problem, our trained sales engineers can help you find a cost-effective, ergonomic solution that will improve production efficiency, benefit employee health and safety and improve your bottom line.

That’s a tall order for one of our compact, fuel-efficient, highly-maneuverable CartCaddies, but we know our equipment. We’re so certain of our product, we offer a free demo trial program. Try before you buy! Contact us and one of our sales engineers will make arrangements for you to receive and utilize a CartCaddy cart pusher at your facility before you buy. Put our ergonomically-designed, easy to maneuver, extremely versatile CartCaddy cart movers to the test in your own environment before you decide to order. It’s a good way for you to get to know us and experience first-hand the superior customer service that keeps our customers coming back.

A typical response from our demo program is this comment from C.F. at Admiral Beverage Corp.: “Tried it, all is well! Just send the invoice for payment.”

Here’s what some of our other customers have to say about DJ Products’ innovative CartCaddy carts, tugs and movers and our superior customer service program:

“Very impressed with the unit and love it!” said M.W. of Mark Webber, noting that the unit shipped sooner than expected.

“The CCShorty is working great. We haven’t had any problems with it. I will share this with other Weyco. Thanks for checking on us,” said J.G. of Weyerhaeuser, pleased with our follow-through customer service.

“The CartCaddy 5WP is working very well. The service you provide is great and it will be a pleasure to do future business with you,” said S. F. of Weyerhaeuser.

“Easy to operate, lots of power! Just like you said!” raved S.P. of Advanced Barrier Extrusions.

“First try worked flawlessly; all folks like it. Very maneuverable; talking about buying second unit,” noted a pleased R.R. at Aerospace.

“You did a great job adapting it to our containers,” said B.W. of Air Products, noting our ability to engineer and build to order.

“They got all five units. The one extra unit was for their gift shop and they LOVE it. They are very pleased with all the units; made their job so much easier,” said L.S. of the Arkansas Children’s Hospital. The hospital’s L.F. added, “Very pleased with your service and assistance … been a pleasure working with you.”

“Folks surprised at how fast it goes,” said A.P. of Airforce Research. “Slicker than they thought!!”

“The unit they have now; they want another one! Sending over PO# for two units,” said A.B. and Add Vantage.