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New Chat Features on Our Website Give Realtime Help

April 15, 2014 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, Productivity Tips, Safety and Ergonomics, Uncategorized

Online Business Chat

Online Business Chat

The Internet has changed the way we shop. Company websites allow us to gather information and even “see” products before we decide to buy. However, there are still times when we need some knowledgeable input and advice. Our new chat features let you get realtime help from the friendly, experienced Sales Engineers at DJ Products.

As you browse our website you’ll see a box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Simply enter your information and question in the corresponding boxes. A Sales Engineer will be waiting at the other end to give you a prompt response and answer any other questions or concerns. 

If you’d rather chat the old-fashioned way, you can contact a Sales Engineer via phone. The chat screen gives you three options to match your preference. You can conduct your phone call on your computer, on your telephone or via Skype.

Our website is open 24 hours a day, but our Sales Engineers may not be available after business hours. Use our “answering service” to send a message detailing your questions. You’ll receive a response to your question as soon as business hours resume.

Let our Sales Engineers know what type of business you have. They have extensive experience in finding the right solution for any application. In addition, they can provide recommendations regarding customized features that may be of benefit.

Feel free to browse our website with full confidence that we can provide assistance for any questions or concerns you may have. Use our convenient chat screen or call 800.686.2651.

5 Eco-Friendly Tips to Help Your Facility Go Green

April 01, 2014 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, Future Trends, Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Products, Uncategorized

Go Green

Go Green

“Going green” isn’t simply a trendy buzzword. Eco-awareness should be an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. Your carbon footprint, no matter how great or small, is part of the overall environment that affects the health of our planet and its population.

Due to their significant consumption of resources, warehouses and manufacturing facilities present numerous opportunities for conservation. Here are five tips you can implement that pay major dividends in energy and material savings.

  1. Reuse items like boxes and packing material wherever possible. These types of items have long been considered disposable, but they’re usually good for several uses before they become worn out.
  2. If it can’t be reused, recycle it. Make it easy for your employees by providing several well-labeled stations with generously sized containers. Don’t forget about offices, lunchrooms and break rooms as well.
  3. Reevaluate your lighting system. Wherever possible, replace older light bulbs with newer LED models. You may even want to consider installing skylights to take advantage of natural lighting.
  4. Check the condition of your facility’s doors. Poor insulation may be causing your heating and cooling system to work harder. Remote-controlled and motion-sensor doors are available that limit the amount of heat that escapes when they’re opened.
  5. Switch from propane or diesel forklifts to battery-powered equipment tugs. Not only do they conserve energy, they’re safer and more efficient to use.

Whatever your material handling needs are, you can find an eco-friendly solution from DJ Products. Please contact us at 800.686.2651 for more information on our CartCaddy5WP and other models from our full line of equipment tugs. 

The Benefits of the Dumpster Caddy

March 04, 2014 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Safety and Ergonomics, Uncategorized

Few pieces of heavy equipment require as much movement as dumpsters. They’re necessary containers at all types of facilities, from office buildings to hospitals to apartment complexes. Simplify this regular task with use of the Dumpster Caddy from DJ Products.

Fully loaded dumpsters can weigh thousands of pounds, particularly those used at locations such as shopping malls or hotels. Although they generally have wheels, they’re cumbersome to move and turn. They’re often stored in an underground lot where they need to be transported to ground level for pick-up by a waste management or recycling service. It’s not unusual for this task to require at least two or three employees to complete.

Our Dumpster Caddy fastens securely to the container to safely move loads of up to 10,000 pounds. Corners and tight spaces are easy to negotiate thanks to the caddy’s compact size and efficient operation. In addition, battery power enables the caddy to go up and down inclines as well as over ice, snow and other outdoor conditions.

Using a Dumpster Caddy can help streamline your overall operations as well. You can have only one person handle the job instead of sending two or three others. Its ergonomic design reduces the possibility of injury and job-related absences. 

DJ Products has a full line of caddies and tugs that can address any of your material handling problems. Our products fit applications from moving shopping carts to maneuvering aircraft. Contact our knowledgeable Sales Engineers at 800.686.2651 for information on solutions to fit your needs.

Highlighting The Shopping Cart Pusher

February 25, 2014 By: CartPro Category: Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Products, Uncategorized

Your customers may take shopping carts for granted, simply leaving them where they stand when they’re finished. However, it’s a problem for your business if the carts aren’t available when shoppers need them. Make retrieval more efficient with a Shopping Cart Pusher from DJ Products.

Rounding up stray carts across a parking lot and surrounding area can be a tedious and awkward job. If the weather’s bad, it becomes uncomfortable as well. Your employees will appreciate the ease of operating our cart pusher and you’ll save labor costs when they have more time to spend on other tasks.

The cart pusher attaches to the back of a line of shopping carts that can number as many as 50. Your employee then moves to the head of the train to steer, using a remote control to operate the pusher. He can then return the carts to the front of the store and either head back for more or start on a different job.

Having a parking lot full of stray shopping carts is messy-looking. In addition, it presents a hazard to customers who have to maneuver around them to enter your lot. Who doesn’t get annoyed at finding shopping cart dings on their car? Using a cart pusher can make these issues a thing of the past.

The Shopping Cart Pusher is just one of a full line of material handling solutions available from DJ Products. Our Sales Engineers are standing by at 800.686.2651 to answer your questions and help find the answer to your particular application.

Highlighting the Yard Dog

January 28, 2014 By: CartPro Category: Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Products, Uncategorized, Warehousing

There was a time when there were only two options for moving OTR trailers, tanks and other heavy equipment. You could use boxy, light duty forklifts and cumbersome yard dogs or pay a hefty price for better quality walk-behind movers. Today our Powered Trailer Dolly combines performance and value to solve all your heavy-material handling issues.

This multi-purpose unit works for horse trailers, boats, RVs and any other equipment trailers that require lifting on one end before maneuvering. Its 36-volt motor and hydraulic lift kit enable it to handle tongue weights between 5,000 and 15,000 pounds.

Operator safety is a key factor in the designer of our trailer dolly. The ergonomically sound variable speed twist grip prevents carpal tunnel and there’s a easily accessible safety stop switch in case of emergency. Reducing the effort needed for your employees to transport heavy trailers results in fewer injuries and less time missed on the job. There’s no special training needed to operate the dolly, meaning any of your associates can easily work with them.

Major trailer manufacturers such as Wabash National Corporation and Great Dane have successfully incorporated our trailer dolly into their operations for greater efficiency and improved flexibility. With an assortment of optional features like king pin attachments for fifth-wheel trailers, it can be modified and customized to suit all your needs.

The Powered Trailer Dolly is just one solution in the comprehensive line of material handlers from DJ Products. They suit applications from hospitals and hotels to automobiles and aircraft. Our Sales Engineers can answer all your questions at 800.686.2651.