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Material Handling Product Sales Are Booming – All The Way to 2018

November 18, 2014 By: CartPro Category: Future Trends, Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Products, Uncategorized, Warehousing

The proper material handling equipment helps companies operate more efficiently and protects employees from accidents and back injuries. It reduces the damage that can occur to materials during movement and storage. Increased competitiveness in all industries requires every business to look for ways to maximize their available space, improve customer service, and lower indirect labor cost. Research by the Freedonia Group shows more industries are implementing advanced automation equipment and investing in material handling equipment to ensure their continued success.

Mike Deneen is a senior industry analyst for the Freedonia Group. Deneen says much of the strong gains for material handling equipment will be in the area of large-scale factory automation and automated guided vehicles (AGVs) that contribute to automated warehouse environments. He expects U.S. demand for AGVs and robotics to increase by about 6 percent, with durable goods manufacturers accounting for half of the material handling equipment demand through 2018.

In addition to manufacturers and global distribution companies seeking to reduce labor cost, more small service and trade companies are also recognizing the benefits of energy efficient products like car pushers and electric lift trucks. These easy-to-use pieces of equipment can move cars and trucks of up to 20,000 pounds on a flat surface, increasing productivity for mechanic shops and car dealers, while protecting employees from injury and keeping vehicles damage-free. With a low-maintenance design and simple 36 volt, 3 battery system, these car pushers have little maintenance cost.

DJ Products has a full line of energy efficient caddies and tugs for any size business. Contact our knowledgeable Sales Engineers at 800.686.2651 to discuss which solution best fits your individual material handling needs.

Practical Tips for Warehouse Managers

November 11, 2014 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Products, Uncategorized, Warehousing

Have you heard of management by wandering around? Just like it sounds, the tactic involves randomly walking around to learn about your employees and the productivity of your workplace.

For warehouse managers, this tactic holds particularly fruitful because you need to watch over your employees as well as your inventory and equipment.

Consider the benefits to warehouse productivity that comes from strategically walking around:

  • Get a complete picture. Walk around at different times and randomize your path, and you can make more accurate assessments.
  • Make discoveries. See things from different angles, and you may spark an idea that boosts productivity or efficiency. You might see how one worker accomplishes a task more efficiently than with another person’s method.
  • Gain trust and respect. You don’t want to be seen as simply someone in an office. Walking among the employees helps build camaraderie, and that leads to more open and honest communication.
  • Avoid calling employees into your office. Some employees feel stress and anxiety when called into your office. If you have to talk to someone, they may be more comfortable with a casual chat in the warehouse, if appropriate.
  • Shake up your work day. Improve your own productivity by breaking up your work day. Walking around adds variety to your day, helping you focus more on work when you get back to the office. Plus, it always helps to add a little physical activity to your day.

Warehouse managers need every advantage possible. Just as our motorized cart movers can have an incredible impact on your efficiency and productivity, so can smart management.

A Light Cart Caddy To Do Big Jobs

October 14, 2014 By: CartPro Category: Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Products, Safety and Ergonomics, Uncategorized, Warehousing

Good things come in small packages, and when it comes to healthcare material handling solutions they don’t come smaller and better than the CartCaddyLite from DJ Products. This compact electric puller is mighty enough to allow a single employee to move up to 1,500 pounds.

Workers routinely have to move bulky items like linen carts through hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities. Narrow hallways and tight spaces create a high likelihood of damage and injury. The CartCaddyLite can pivot a full 180 degrees under its arm attachment, allowing for smooth turning without jackknifing.

According to OSHA, 20 percent of workplace injuries involve back strain. Thanks to the power of its 24-volt electric batteries, use of the CartCaddyLite greatly reduces the possibility of injury. Our cart puller accelerates smoothly up to three MPH in both forward and reverse, allowing the operator to follow without the risk of sudden, jerky movements.

The CartCaddyLite includes other ergonomically designed features such as a variable speed twist grip to help eliminate repetitive stress injuries. A safety stop switch at the back of the handle bar box allows the operator shut down the puller immediately in case of emergency.

Make sure your healthcare facility can focus on treating patients instead of your own employees. The CartCaddyLite is one choice from our comprehensive line of electric-powered material handling solutions. Call 800.686.2651 or use our convenient online chat feature for assistance from our friendly Sales Engineers. They can help you join Team Cart Caddy with the right selection for your particular needs.

A Light Cart Caddy To Do Big Jobs

October 07, 2014 By: CartPro Category: Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Products, Safety and Ergonomics, Uncategorized

When you think of workplace back injuries from hauling heavy weights, you might picture burly staff in a warehouse or at a construction site. In reality, almost anyone can suffer back and spine related injuries on the job—especially when pulling or dragging carts.

From hospitality professionals to nurses and assistants in hospitals and senior care centers, many careers involve pushing or pulling loaded carts throughout the day. Even with empty or lightweight loads, the act of maneuvering these carts asks the worker to twist and pull in uncomfortable directions. The end result: debilitating injuries that bring significant pain to the worker and heavy financial burden to the company.

CartCaddyLite: The Right-Sized Cart Puller

Carts up to 1500 pounds can be easily towed and effortlessly maneuvered by any worker using the CartCaddyLite.

This is the ideal cart pusher or cart puller for everyday loads:

  • linen carts
  • maintenance carts
  • meal delivery carts
  • carts without built-in tow arms

The CartCaddyLite attaches to any cart and steers ergonomically. Instead of risking injury and growing tired from pushing or pulling carts throughout the day, the worker simply connects the CartCaddyLite  with the included towing system. The 24-volt battery system moves the cart at up to 3 mph and maneuvers around tight turns and corners.

From hospital hallways to freight elevators, the CartCaddyLite helps everyone from nurses and health care professionals to maintenance crews enjoy a lower-risk work environment. Call us at 800.686.2651, email us, or chat with us online for info about adding the CartCaddyLite to support your staff members and enjoy a huge jump in productivity.

Decrease Worker Injuries While Increasing Productivity

September 30, 2014 By: CartPro Category: ergonomics, Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Products, Safety and Ergonomics, Uncategorized

People can accomplish more when supported by a safe and comfortable work environment. If your worksite requires employees to exert significant strength and energy, an investment in ergonomic products will pay off with better health and better productivity.

Ergonomic solutions like motorized cart pushers help mitigate many sources of injury risk:

  • Ease the burden of heavy exertion: Workers may be able to lift hundreds of pounds or operate heavy equipment, but the risk of injury remains. Every act of overexertion carries the risk of significant injuries. Ergonomic, motorized cart pushers and other equipment can remove stress from a worker’s back and legs and prevent sudden or long-term health problems.
  • Make common tasks more comfortable: Repetitive tasks also carry high physical risk, and tend to go unnoticed until the employee has sustained significant injury. By replacing manual methods with motorized equipment, businesses can ensure a safer, healthier workplace for workers who frequently lift, carry, and move equipment or inventory.

While improving safety, ergonomics also boosts worker productivity:

  • Get more work done: Employees can maneuver loads more easily and move materials more efficiently with motorized cart caddies. Tasks will save time when dealing with heavy loads or awkward space constraints, and workers will have more energy throughout their shift.
  • Better working conditions means better work: While staying healthy and able to work, your team will be better prepared to handle the demands of the job with fewer lost days and a faster-paced work environment.

Safety and productivity go hand-in-hand when it comes to workers who handle heavy materials and equipment. Find out how ergonomic solutions from DJ Products can benefit your staff and your bottom line.