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Transport Waste and Recycling Safely with Waste Container Movers

March 27, 2012 By: CartPro Category: Products, Safety and Ergonomics

According to the Clean Air Council, “In 1960, each person in the US only generated 2.68 pounds of waste. In 1970, the figure was 3.25. However, Americans’ recycling has improved since 2000, when the average American generated 4.65 lbs of waste per day, and only 29% was recycled.” Whether the objects we’ve used are being thrown away or being recycled, they need to be safely transported from where we live to other facilities.

DJ Products is the world leader in providing battery-powered cart pusher and assist tug puller solutions to the manufacturing, hospital, distribution, and retail industries.
Many of our motorized carts are used in flat surfaces, but workers using our dumpster mover may need to move a dumpster or other large container on an incline. Safety is paramount in all situations where workers need to transport heavy objects but even more so if there is an incline involved. Employees that have to manually push a heavy trash or recycling container up large inclines to the street may become injured due to overexertion. You can prevent this when you invest in a DJ Products battery powered waste mover. In fact, our dumpster movers could make a task that might have once required three or four employees into something that one employee can do on his or her own.

A DJ Products WasteCaddy waste container mover has a powerful 36-volt motor can maneuver dumpster from 500 lbs. to 10,000 lbs. Our dumpster mover can help prevent employee injury throughout the year as employees move heavy containers on flat surfaces or inclines and if there is a need to push or pull a dumpster over asphalt and throughout snow and ice.

Moving an Airplane Can Be a Solo Mission with an Aircraft Tug

March 20, 2012 By: CartPro Category: Products, Safety and Ergonomics

From the paper airplanes you made as a child to taking a cross-country flight, the ability to see something soar through the air is quite a thrill. When an airplane flies, part of the reason it is able to stay up in the air is that the air moving over the top of it is going at a faster speed that the air that is moving below the plane.

An airplane is a remarkable and rather expensive piece of equipment. For that reason, you can’t just use any old machine to move an airplane around. DJ Products’ airplane tugs make it possible for one person to safely and easily maneuver aircraft in a tightly stacked hanger or staging on a ramp. While you wouldn’t think of moving a plan on your own, you can do so with our aircraft tug. Just like flight, that is nothing short of amazing! One person can push or pull an aircraft that weighs in at up to 35,000 pounds with one of our aircraft tugs.

Our airplane tugs have a smooth acceleration and braking system. And the quiet electric motor means that the person operating the airplane tug will not be distracted by noise and can concentrate fully on the task of getting the aircraft from point A to point B.

While we focus on providing ergonomically correct, safe, and cost effective solutions to transport some of your most important products, we have a lighter side too. You can customize your aircraft tug or aircraft tow with a custom logo if you wish. There is no reason that your equipment can’t be useful, safe, and fun all at the same time.

Avoid Strain and Lost Productivity with Ergonomic Material Handling Equipment

March 13, 2012 By: CartPro Category: ergonomics, Productivity Tips, Products

On the topic of musculoskeletal disorders, the Centers for Disease Control says, “…employers often find themselves paying the bill, either directly or through workers’ compensation insurance, at the same time they must cope with the loss of the full capacity of their workers.”

While some injuries are beyond your control, there is plenty that employers can do to prevent muscle strain that results from attempting to transport heavy loads. DJ Products make Ergonomic Material Handling Equipment, including motorized carts, equipment pushers, trailer movers and shopping cart retrievers. You don’t have to deal with the loss in productivity that can occur when employees are injured.

You also don’t have to go through the experience of leaning too heavily on healthy employees because of employee injury. Planning ahead and looking for material handling solutions in advance can save you from lost revenue and morale.

We make battery powered “walk-behind” units that allow workers better control, even in tight, difficult spaces. This operating flexibility means that our electric cart movers can be used in more applications that standard material handling equipment.

Not only do our material handling solutions help you prevent injury, they are also versatile, which can save you money in other ways. DJ Products carts and tugs can eliminate the use of a more costly and cumbersome piece of equipment designed for a different material-handling task.

As the CDC notes: “…very often productivity gets an additional and solid shot in the arm when managers and workers take a fresh look at how best to use energy, equipment, and exertion to get the job done in the most efficient, effective, and effortless way possible.”

Get Things Moving with DJ Products’ Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Pushers

March 06, 2012 By: CartPro Category: Automotive Industry, ergonomics, Products

DJ Products makes ergonomic equipment to help transport a variety of heavy loads—even if that load is something that is also used in transport.
If your cart, car, or piece of equipment has all straight wheels or is on a rail, then the there are ergonomic products that can help solve material handling applications where no turning is required, or an operator will turn the wheels while a CarCaddy pushes from behind, as in the case of pushing a bus down an assembly line.

Car and Vehicle Pusher: While our car pushers have industrial applications, they can also be used to move a stalled vehicle. The front push pad of the vehicle pusher can help preserve the paint and the look of stalled vehicle.

Trailer Mover, Puller or Pusher: Our powered trailer movers are not as bulky as traditional puller products. They can push or pull RVs, campers, boats or equipment trailers. This is a perfect solution when a trailer is being moved down an assembly line, in a show room or at a trade show.

Paper Roll Pusher, Spool Pusher: This can help you move large rolls of paper, fabric or rubber. It is designed to move heavy objects that roll.

Equipment Pusher, Equipment Puller: These can eliminate the stress and strain associated with moving heavy equipment. One of our cart movers can push or pull cars up to 50,000 lbs., while a powered trailer dolly can lift tongue up to 15,000 lbs.

You can take the time to find a specific electric cart pusher on our website, or call our Sales Engineers for a recommendation on your proper solution.