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Keeping Up with Casino Crowds with a Motorized Clean Linen Wire Cart

June 08, 2011 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, hospitality industry, OSHA, Productivity Tips, Safety and Ergonomics

Resorts and casinos are prime vacation destinations for many travelers during the summer months which makes a piece of equipment like a motorized clean linen wire cart an absolute necessity. The massive influx of patrons and guests can put a tremendous amount of additional stress and strain on resort and casino employees who are responsible for cleaning and preparing rooms.

Employees who are required to manually push or haul fully loaded linen carts over thickly carpeted surfaces are at an increased risk of suffering serious musculoskeletal injuries. These painful injuries can keep valuable employees out of work for extended periods which can put additional strain on the remaining employees who need to work harder to fill the void. Injuries that require employees to miss work can also cost the casino or resort a substantial amount of money in expensive workers’ compensation claims.

Casino and resort management can work to instantly increase the efficiency of and minimize strain on valuable employees by investing in the appropriate equipment for the task at hand. The motorized clean linen wire cart from DJ Products is easy to use and capable of hauling up to seven hundred pounds of clean linens and supplies at speeds of up to three miles per hour.

The motorized clean linen cart from DJ Products is designed to work well on a variety of surfaces. Employees can quickly haul loads of clean linens over tiles, concrete, carpet or virtually surface that they will come across in the casino or resort environment.

The versatility and ease of use of the motorized clean linen wire cart allows casino and resort employees to fully focus on their job duties without worrying about strain or fatigue. Implementing this type of equipment into a busy resort or casino atmosphere immediately increases efficiency, improves safety and saves money.

Preparing for Camping and Fishing Season with a Trailer Mover

June 03, 2011 By: CartPro Category: Automotive Industry, Business Tips, fulfillment, Manufacturing Industry, Productivity Tips, Recreational Vehicles, retail industry, Safety and Ergonomics

June has arrived and that means that families all over the country are preparing for daytrips, long weekends and full vacations.  Many folks who have fallen in love with the great outdoors are preparing to upgrade their boats, jet skis or RVs in order to make the most of the upcoming vacation season.

This seasonal increase in interest has camper and trailer manufacturers working harder to keep up with the higher volume of sales.  If employees on the assembly line don’t have the right equipment to assist in the manufacturing process this increase in business could lead to an increase in employee injuries though.  Employees who need to manually maneuver trailers down an assembly line are at risk of suffering serious musculoskeletal strains and injuries that could require extensive medical care.

A piece of equipment like the trailer mover from DJ Products can instantly increase the efficiency of employees on the assembly line while simultaneously reducing the risk of injuries.  The trailer mover is powerful enough to haul trailers and full sized RVs over short distances without putting any undue strain on the operator.

The small frame size and tight turning radius of the trailer mover allows assembly line employees to navigate trailers and RVs around tight corners and through cramped quarters.  This ability to keep the trailers under complete control minimizes the chances of damage and keeps the product in the best condition during the assembly period. 

Investing in a piece of equipment like the trailer mover is the perfect way for a trailer and RV manufacturer to keep up with potential increases in business during vacation season.  The trailer mover allows valuable employees to remain injury free and ensures that the final product can be delivered to the showroom floor in ready to sell condition.