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Eliminate Maneuverability Issues with a Power Puller

November 05, 2010 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, hospitality industry, hospitals, Material Handling, Productivity Tips, Warehousing

There are a number of work environments where employees are limited by space constraints.  Narrow hallways, short aisles and sharp corners can make using traditional powered carts all but impossible.  This can force employees to move heavy products, materials or supplies by hand and can increase the risk of injury.

In hospitality, hospital or warehouse settings where the regular movement of material is essential to business, it’s imperative that employees have access to equipment that can help them get the job done.  In environments that simply don’t have the space necessary to operate a full sized powered cart, compact options like the power puller from DJ Products can provide the perfect solution.

The power puller is the most compact and maneuverable tug available and it can easily handle a wide variety of jobs.  Employees can maneuver fully loaded dollies, hand trucks, linen carts or maintenance carts that weigh up to fifteen hundred pounds through narrow hallways and around tight corners with the power puller.

The power puller is also a huge asset to employees who must adhere to a tight schedule.  Time is of the essence in hospital and hospitality settings.  Having access to a piece of equipment like the power puller can dramatically increase employee efficiency and help get necessary duties performed in a timely manner. 

The power puller from DJ Products is powered by a long lasting battery and is ultra quiet during operation.  Employees can use the power puller for an entire eight hour shift without having to worry about recharging and without causing any disturbance to guests, patients or other hardworking employees. 

Performing a job safely and correctly requires the right piece of equipment.  In environments where space is a concern, the power puller can make a big difference in both productivity and injury prevention.

Heavy Duty Jobs Require Heavy Duty Cart Movers

November 01, 2010 By: CartPro Category: Business Tips, Manufacturing Industry, Material Handling, Productivity Tips

There are plenty of industrial and manufacturing settings where employees are subject to handling exceedingly heavy loads of material or large pieces of equipment.  Even if those instances don’t occur on a daily basis, manually moving loads weighing several tons can drastically increase the chance of injury.

In order for any work environment to be as safe as possible, employees need to have access to equipment that was designed to help with the required tasks.  The CartCaddyHD battery powered cart mover from DJ Products is designed to quickly and safely allow a single employee to move large loads over significant distances.

This heavy duty battery powered cart mover attaches easily to carts with two straight casters and two front swivel casters and is capable of pushing or pulling loads of up to fifty thousand pounds.  Moving a cart loaded with that much weight would very likely occupy several employees for an extended period of time, but the CartCaddyHD allows a single employee to get the job done quickly.

The CartCaddyHD battery powered cart mover has a long lasting battery designed to run for an entire shift on a single charge.  This helps to increase employee productivity even further by eliminating interruptions caused by needing to refuel or recharge.

The CartCaddyHD has excellent traction and great power to handle heavy loads, but it is surprisingly quiet during operation.  This increases employee safety by allowing the operator to clearly hear what is going on around them and minimizing the chance for accidents.

Many industrial and manufacturing jobs are associated with a high risk of injury.  Having the right type of equipment available, like a heavy duty battery powered cart mover, can help to create a safer work environment and increase productivity.