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Manufacturers of Tuggers, Powered Trailer Movers, Aircraft Tugs and Power Movers.

DJ Products, Inc. manufacturers Powered Tuggers and Trailer Movers solutions that eliminate the pain and strain of manually pulling and pushing a heavy carts and wheeled equipment.  Our Power Movers and Aircraft Tugs are less costly, smaller, and more maneuverable than traditional powered equipment used for moving carts and equipment.

Our Cart Tuggers can reduce the injuries that come from manually moving heavy carts and wheeled equipment. Our Trailer Mover solutions are battery powered “walk behind” pullers that can be maneuvered even in tight, difficult spaces. Since our powered cart mover solutions are more manageable than bulky, expensive, riding equipment such as fork trucks or a riding tug, they will be used more frequently and effectively, greatly increasing material handling productivity while saving money in operating costs and workers compensation claims.

Please choose the industry that best fits your need. If you can't find a specific industry, please contact one of our Sales Engineers for consultation as we have solved over 10,000 cart moving and wheeled load applications, many which were customized to our customers specific application.
Common power mover applications include:

  • Pulling heavy window, glass, & door carts with a cart mover
  • Maneuvering linen carts in a hospital with an electric tugger
  • Pushing buses, trailers, or cars down an assembly line
  • Moving parts and input materials to manufacturing cells
  • Pulling heavy dumpsters from compactor rooms to curb side
  • Using an Aircraft Tug for staging a plane on a runway
Customer Comments
  • featured-blog2
    Attachment works great.  We are very pleased.
    R.S. Marriot Textile Services
  • featured-blog1a
    Easy to operate, lots of power! Just like you said!
    S.P. Advanced Barrier Extrusions
  • featured-blog3
    First try worked flawlessly, all folks liked it.  Very Maneuverable, talking about buying a 2nd unit.
    R.R. Aerospace
  • featured-blog4
    Its a done deal, no need to follow up- works well.
    M.S. Whirlpool Corporation
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